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On August 16, me and my friend went to Canobie Lake Park. We arrived at the park at 5pm so we could get the half day price. The day was busy and it was my friends first time at the park so I decided to go on the rides unique to the park and can’t find at traveling fairs or at least were worth it.
Mine Of Lost Souls (Haunted House ride) We decided to go on the log ride but the line was long so we decided to go on the Lost Souls ride, It was a 45 minute. Worth it? Not really but it’s a classic since it is one of a kind and I like its Disney feel to it. Too bad the part where water runs into you has not worked for years and I don’t mean the waterfall.. One time it did and it actually scared me because I knew it doesn’t and has worked before, or at least to my knowledge. When was the last time? Either way I recommend going on the ride.

Turkish Twist: I didn’t want to tell him about the ride and what it does but I told him anyway. How many of these rides actually exist. Definitely recommend and the line is not that long max wait is waiting 2 rides.

Boston tea party (Tidal wave boat ride): This is a good boat ride. I can’t say its great cause because I have not been on enough but it is one of my favorite. Most of the ones I have been on in Orlando and at SFNE. It’s short and to the point. The boat has a flat front so that goes the farthest and it reaches the queue. I’m it was not part of the plan but it is entertaining to watch. The only downside of the ride is the bridge. It used to be chest level, then they but up bars so it is above your whole body and know there is plastic covering the bars. It is because a kid slipped and I guess complained. It is also the best themed ride in the park with the buildings and the hanging lamps.

Da vinci Dream (Swings): Went on to dry off, though it’s a simple swing the area around is themed with the plants and the statues.

Yankee Cannonball: (Wooden coaster): Only Wooden coaster in the park, Out and back and with a decent amount of airtime. We waited a full queue line and of course worth the wait and is not that bad of a wait since the line keeps moving, but is a very tight line.

Policy Pond Log Flume: This ride has two drops but technically there is 5 because there are three baby drops. Short and big enough so it’s good for riding again. Since I’m talking about log flumes I just wanna say something about Splash Mountain. The only thing that I don’t like about it are the three drops. Unlike Dudley do Rights there is a point where a train comes after you and that is why you drop to avoid the train but the drops in splash mountain are just random, except for the drop into the thorn patch. The birds above want you to get to a “laughing place” I would just like to say that. Please Discuss.

Corkscrew (2 corkscrews): I like the ride since it is the only upside down park but then again I hate the head banging. It’s still not going to prevent me from going on. It’s a nice 2nd coaster in the park even if the people at arrow are not perfectionists. Oh well

We then did Boston tea party and Turkish Twist.

Skater(Zampala Disk O but with a skate board and different seat arrangement ): The new ride for 2005 but it was built at the final days. I got the back row which is the best seat. I thought it was cool looking with the gates and stairs coming up but I didn’t feel it was anything special. I did like the feel of the ride cause you could feel the power of the ride turning and the skateboard on the track. You could slightly feel the train running on each of the connectors. Which I would explain in the next paragraph.

I like canobie. It is a nice park. My only problem with the park it has too many spinning rides. That is why I did not like Skater all that much. It is another spinning ride, which is of course better then the paratrooper ride. You can get sick easily if you go on the spinning rides. The reason is due to the fact that they can’t go above tree line which causes them to have a lot of flats. There is still variety but the most of anything they have is spinning rides. Some spinning rides are still varied like Turkish twist and the caterpillar, but I think there is a lot of them, which could be nice if was more varied. Do any of you agree. We left at 9:30, the park closes at 10, but was too busy to stay any longer and my friend got dizzy after going on the last Turkish twist.

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