Canobie Lake 2004-04-24 (very brief, pictures)

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I visited Canobie Lake Park on opening day, April 24, 2004.

- All rides were operational except for the Giant Sky [ferris] Wheel
which had no cars attached (the cars were on the loading
- The swimming pool and Bonanza shooting gallery were closed.
- The Kosmo Jets ride is now gone-- there is a circular patch of
gravel where it used to be.
- The Kiddie Land stage was not yet re-installed (the foundation
pilings were there, but no stage).
- There are no new rides this year.
- The Dodgem exit now has a swing gate. Last year it was a turnstile.
- Pedestrians can no longer walk onto the Boston Tea Party "splash"
bridge. A swing gate was installed, and it is labeled "exit only".
I guess that they felt that the many kids running back and forth
on wet pavement was a safety risk.
- There is now a Pump It Up Premiere 3 GX machine in the Main Arcade.
- Extremely poor (one-time-use camera) photos are available at

James Ben

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Cool. That being my very first park, it brings back memories to see those pics. Thanks!


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My first as well, glad to see the old girl is standing up to SFNE. Continue to prosper! I cant imagine a world without my beloved Cannonball running.

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Thanks for submitting the link for the pics, I hadn't previously seen any pics of Canobie and I am VERY impressed. Might have to take a trip up there!

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