Candymonium preview 6/29/20

One time after a weekend at Cedar Point I met another enthusiast as we were loading our cars in the Breakers lot. He seemed nice, but he spoke in another language. He was so eager to tell me about his time at the park and his experiences on Millie, Maggie, Mavvy, Meanie, Bluey, Gemmie, Draggie, Rappie, Mantie,... seriously it went on like that.
I so wanted to say “Hold on there, dude. I know for a fact y’all ain’t that close”.

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ApolloAndy said:

I'm going to start calling every roller coaster by this convention:

Don't forget the famous LoCoSuMo.

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LoCoSuMo is literally the only coaster for which I like the abbreviation.


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I'll admit I liked CoFoKAMS. Purely from a humorous standpoint, and that it was only a placeholder.

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RCMAC said:

He was so eager to tell me about his time at the park and his experiences on **CRINGE**

I'm a very non-violent person, but I want to punch this dude in the face as hard as I can.

Got 4 rides in on Candymonium. 3 back row and 4 last row. Very fun ride. Great pacing. Awesome first drop. Perfect addition to HP. But, it's still a B&M hyper and, to me, those are just training coasters for rides like Magnum and Skyrush. I rode the latter 25 times on Wednesday, plus a few more times on Thursday and Friday.

Are you able to walk?

Candymonium is good. It needs one more hill on the out. And one less helix. It looks sharp as hell, especially with the Orange train.

I'd rank it as a middle tier B&M comparable to Mako or La Ronde. (My top tier would be Apollo's, Carowinds Intimidator, Behemoth and Nitro. Bottom tier: Raging Bull, SFoG and Diamondback).

I was expecting more out of Chocolatetown. It is literally one park-exit-through-the-gift-shop and a Starbucks inside the gate. It doesn't look like more is imminently coming either (except a 2nd floor to the gift shop building). They've incorporated the entrance to the old casino arena though so hopefully that will be repurposed and stick around. It is a cool building. Maybe they'll eventually run it up the hill and incorporate the stadium too. But it isn't the Citywalk I thought they were bringing.

Skyrush did not seem as intense as I remember it opening year. They no longer need to pop the restraints on the brake, huh? Wildcat rode well. First time on it with the flyers. LR felt rough on the other hand. Great Bear is rising on my list of B&Ms as I age out. The pre-drop and drop is the best of its kind.

The park was nice and quiet for a Sunday. Station waits all around. A few of the coasters were closed and Candy and Skyrush kept shutting down for very light rain. (No Thunder)

98% of people were masked up and it was being enforced. Social distancing was hit or miss in the lines. But not an issue anywhere else. Half filling trains was self imposed mostly by riders. Everything flowed pretty well.

Downtown Hershey and the general area seemed buzzing but didn't translate to park crowds. Chocolate World was a paradise with the regulated entry: No line for the ride and a quiet atrium. (You could also walk up and get an immediate pass)

I love Hershey. It was good to be back in that park after 5 years. A big part of my childhood. A good deal for the Hershey hotel and the 2:1 ticket deal (and unknown future) moved this getaway up from August to this past weekend.

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When Great Bear was new I remember thinking it was too short, boring, and not intense.

Now it's one of the few B&M inverts I can enjoy and reride. Don't get me wrong, I still love rides like Raptor and Afterburn and Montu. But I come back into the station on those with that feeling of defeat, knowing a reride wouldn't be the best idea in the world.

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