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Monday, September 9, 2002 10:47 AM
First off this Tr report is not meant to get anyone upset that is a fan of this park. But, the last time I visited this park was back in '93 very clean park at this time very nice ride ops just all around great park.

Then I returned this past Saturday on 9/7. This park looked really bad this time! People were smoking in line constantly. I think I counted all together 15 times a ride op announced for someone to put out there "Smokes".

First off me and my girlfriend arrived at the park at 10:00 a.m when the park first opened. It got pretty busy as the day moved on. Now I rate coasters and rides to the following system:

1-10: with of course 1 being worst 10 being best.

I will start off with the flat rides first.

Psyclone-6/10: This ride looks better than what it really is if i remember corectly loking at the manf of this ride it is Mondial. This ride was pretty fun though the whole spinning and swinging back and forth garnered a chuckle or two.

Stunt Tower-9/10: This had to be the best drop tower I have been on this thing keeps you at the top of the tower it seems for ages and the drop is amazing great drop tower, even though three people were smoking in line.

Now on to the roller coasters!

Dragon Fyre-2/10 Arrow/Huss Double loop corkscrew: Was this supposed to be a cruel joke of a steel looper? The one at SFWOA is legions above this one, this ride makes me laugh. But I'am not trying to come down hard on this ride it is 21 years old. The straight track after the drop was really bad.

The Bat-9/10 Vekoma Boomerang Shuttle: That's right kids this boomerang is mighty smooth! Be it as it may this is the best in my opinion in it's class! This ride hit it's inversions very smooth no head bangin'I loved this one. Longest line in the park went to this coaster.

The Fly-6/10 Mack Wild Mouse: This was a semi exciting wild mouse. The first drop was great the turns were pretty good also but was heavily braked.

The Mighty Canadian Minebuster-8/10 PTC Wooden coaster: This is a pretty good woodie! I can truly say this surprised me from the last time I rode this 7 years ago. This ride had great airtime was a little rough but loved it great ride. Smooth first drop.

Sky Rider-4/10 Togo Stand-Up: This ride didn't do much for me 7 years ago and it really doesn't do anything for me now. My girlfriend liked this stand-up because it was her first stand-up. Me on the other hand found it quite boring. We stood in line forever for the front of the train the smoking bandits were out in force on this ride. Certainly not my favorite ride.

Thunder Run-6/10 Mack Mine Train: This ride was pretty fun it kept up speed throughout the course but the mountain smelled really, really bad and on top of that the smoking bandits were back.

Top Gun-7/10 Vekoma SLC: This was a pretty smooth Vekoma. But since we have a clone at my homepark this didn't provide to many extra thrills. The thing I liked about this ride is that it's theming was great from the top gun soundtrack playing on the loud speakers, to the model fighter in the que. They really spent some money on the theming of this ride. One big points in that dept.

Vortex-8/10 Arrow Suspended Coaster: This is a really intense Coaster! The close calls to the lake was pretty cool and although a little rougher than what I remember it still gave a great ride.

Wild Beast-5/10 PTC Wooden Coaster: This ride beat the hell out of me! I had a bruise on my thigh from the violent laterals this thing hands out. This ride was rough very little airtime except for the latter half of the ride. If the Begining of the ride was anything like the later half it would be a pretty decent ride.

All in All this park is pretty subpar. This park could really benefit from a hyper or even a impulse coaster. Because When you have people Walking around Talking about how scared they are of the first drop on Sky Rider you know you have a problem. This park also could benefit with more signs of "no smoking in the line".

Monday, September 9, 2002 11:43 AM
Too bad about the smokers and other stuff. The coasters sounds OK though.


Monday, September 9, 2002 12:10 PM
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Hey, at least the employees told the smokers to put out their cigarettes.

I have to disagree with you're opinion on Wild Beast. It's true, no two rides on a woodies are the same, but this monster was pumping out the negative G's like a wild beast. (no pun intended) What fun is a glass smooth woodie anyway? However, you are entitled to your own opinion.

Thank You for challenging TOS: The Ride. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day, here at Coasterbuzz.

Monday, September 9, 2002 12:23 PM

First, let me point out that you came on a particularly bad day... it was more crowded on Saturday than any of the days on the labour day weekend...

I hate people smoking in line more than most, but aside from making the announcements, there is nothing we can do... the signs exist all over the place, but no one pays attention to them.

I find it odd that in a park known for it's flat rides, you only rode two...

But I must ask, besides the smokers, what else warranted you thinking the park looked "really bad"?


I also have to chime in about the Wild Beast comment... aside from Magnum and Millennium Force, it has the most airtime of any coaster I've been on... including Superman @DL... I didn't ride it on Saturday, most have been a particularly bad day for it or something, as only a few weeks ago I had my best ride ever on it...

"I sold my soul to Viacom"

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Monday, September 9, 2002 12:41 PM
To be honest I rode a couple of other flats i just couldn't remember the names to the other three that I rode. All I know was there was one right next to the Bat and another across the way from Sky Rider and another by Dragon Fyre.

I rode Wild Beast in the morning, I have a reminder of that on my thigh.

The park had Trash strewn about I also saw two girls jump in to the foutain water in the front of the park and jump back out.

Maybe this isn't something new but since I haven't been to the park since '93 it just doesn't look up to par.

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Monday, September 9, 2002 3:29 PM

What did happen to PCW? I was there on 8/20 and it was pretty dull.

You want to know what Millenium Force is on a scale from 1-10? Oh, that's easy. A bajillion out of ten.


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