Canada's wonderland trip report 7-11-12

A very late trip report, very sorry about that.

After a 6 hours drive from Montreal to Toronto, I met up with my cousins to spend a great day at Wonderland. crowds were average, longest wait time was 45 min. and was on leviathan. The crowd was also dying down since we all ended up going around 3:30-4 in the afternoon.

Leviathan was the first ride of the day, and also had the longest wait time all day 45 min. Before going on the ride i was hoping that it was gonna be as good as many other people have said it was. First ride was in the last row. And i was not disappointed at all. For all the people that have said it has no airtime or ejector air they were absolutely wrong. The drop from the back is insane, as i was out of my seat for a good 4-5 seconds. the small speed-hill had both ejector/floater air and caught me off guard. the ride was insanely fast, had good forces and airtime. Had 2 more rides at night in row 2 and had more airtime. My preference on Leviathan is the front row > back row. Much more airtime in the front (10/10)

Riptide was the second ride of the day, pretty awesome ride and was great on a hot day, But not as much water was sprayed as i hoped. (8/10)

Dragon fire was the third ride of the day, it was actually much more smoother than when i went on it 5 years ago, except for the last helix which bashed my head. (7/10)

up next was Windseeker. Very tall ride, but also very relaxing. Saw the entire park, downtown Toronto and all the people were ants (6/10)

next was Skyrider, which for a Togo is pretty smooth. As always the loading times were slow due to everyone not knowing how to put on the restraints correctly, but that's expected from the GP anyways. All in all a pretty smooth stand-up coaster, that didn't hurt my manlyhood, nor bash my skull! (8/10)

up next was sledgehammer. It seems to always work properly when i visit Toronto and Wonderland, i must be its luck. The ride program is longer than 5 years ago but its still a fun awesome ride! (8/10)

BEHEMOTH!! obviously the next ride since we decided to skip minebuster and backlot. This hyper coaster has the most Airtime I've experienced on a Hyper. The middle has great floater air and the back has some ejector air on the first drop and has strong floater air on the hills. got 2 rides on this bad-boy and having behemoth and leviathan in the same park its for sure the best 1/2 combo ever! (10/10)

timewarp... yay, I've heard nothing but bad about this ride and this was my first time on it, my verdict... its not too bad, but you have to move your head along with the turns or else you'll get rattled. The heartline rolls were.... awkward as if my back felt like it was gonna bend in half and snap. Now i know why they call it spinewarp! (5.5/10)

..... Flight deck.... that's all i have to say... (2/10)

after a lunch break we rode nightmares. A very unique and awesome ride, the ride time was a bit short but it was pretty cool. Holding on to nothing and standing up being pinned by gravity at a 90* angle is a winner in my books! (9/10)

the bat, sat in the 2nd car 1st row... a shockingly smooth ride. I was really expecting my head to be tossed, but no headbanging whats so ever, which was very odd. (7/10)

vortex, the 3rd best coaster in the park. It seemed to run alot faster than my last visit to the park, also was a little more shaky but the ride experience was still amazing, although they need to install padding to the seats (9/10)

We all ended the day with one ride on Behemoth (2nd ride) and our last 2/3 daily rides on Leviathan. I must say Levi at night time seems to be more insane balls out speed more airtime than at day time. But all in all cedar fair has done an amazing job at wonderland. Compared to how it was 5 years ago it had improved much more and i look forward to the parks future!

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