Canadas Wonderland: Sneak Preview Night

Thanks for your answers to my questions. Glad you had a good time. I look forward to riding it this summer!
Just home from bank/Media day at Wonderland with some great stories to tell.

First, prior to flag drop, they were escorting groups of people from the flag area to the Behemoth queues. We were walked to the queue entrance at about 9:45 and waited there in line for 10am opening. This was done three times with security moving people at a calm and manageable pace in groups of about 100 people at a time. This prevented the huge "running of the bulls" that happens so often, made things much safer for everyone, and was a really positive guest service

Also today, while the line was being held at the entrance to the platform, you were free to pick your own seats. It was running much the same as Millenium Force would, with only people waiting more than a cycle at the front or the back.

Don't be fooled by the queue, from the DJ booth is less than 10 mins, and I doubt the entire queue area could hold more than 45-60 mins.

I got rides 8,9 and 10 on it today, and it's sheer coaster perfection.

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