canada's wonderland august 11

Hi I just had a day at Canada's Wonderland last Saturday August 11.

I went on pretty well all the roller coasters.

I went on leviathan first it was great feeling coming down those hills.

I also went on shockwave. I found it to be a good ride but as it was ending it started to have problems so we were stuck on the ride for good 10 or 15 minutes. I also went on mine buster and wild beast dragon flyer vortex flight deck I also went on sky rider. I found it rough. I did find my seat was not properly adjusted but all and all i just stood up the whole time and sucked it up.

I went on behemoth atleast 6 times and enjoyed it i put my hands up pretty much most of the ride and enjoyed all the wind.

The second time I went on leviathan they ended up shutting down the ride just as we were getting into it so we just held our spots since it was no use going else where when the weather was causing other rides to be shut down it rained and things.

Also the bat was really cool. I also did couple of the rides I did the white water canion and timber wolf falls.

I also did psyclone sledge hammer and other rides like that.

I was there for my second time I have a seasons pass.

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