Canada's Wonderland announces Wonder Mountain’s Guardian

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For more than 30 years, a familiar darkness has surrounded Wonder Mountain at Canada’s Wonderland. Guests and employees alike have suspected a dark mythical presence hidden within this iconic landmark. In May 2014 the park will throw speculation about these myths aside and blast into Wonder Mountain to unveil a thrilling new interactive 4-D dark ride, Wonder Mountain’s Guardian.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Sounds to me they are using thunder runs track at 1083ft.

Kinda Liked Thunder Run even though it was powered. It was fun.

^Thunder Run is staying. This ride will use four levels on the other side of the mountain.

At the event this morning, they stated that there will be drops associated with the ride but that they haven't classified it as a coaster (though they mentioned "yet". Internal management has been arguing about if it really is a coaster or not). Personally I don't care if it is or isn't, it seems like it'll be a fun ride.

They also mentioned nothing will be removed.

Glad to see they're prototyping the ride technology for CP project 2015.

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Sounds like fun...

However, I don't want to sound like a dick, but two observations:

1> They never said how much they're investing in this ride, so I'm curious on how much this is going to cost (a cost association kind of gives you an idea on the quality of the ride, just saying).

2> The photo/concept on the front reminds me a LOT of a much enhanced version of Boo Blasters (the Scooby Doo ride).

[EDIT]. My bad, I have no idea how that didn't make it through without checking.

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Cool! I've never ridden an enhanced version of an apostrophe.

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Thanks for the clarification that it is a totally separate ride from TR. Whatever it ends up being can't be worse capacity than the sally ride they already have.

Am I the only one who can't read "sally ride" without hearing Wilson Pickett in their head?

Even without much in the way of details about the ride (sally ride), it still sounds very cool. I might even be more excited about Guardian than I was about Behemoth or Leviathan.

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I know that Banshee is being built next year, but it seems like a ride like this would fit the old Tomb Raider building really well at Kings Island. Maybe with some modifications in the future.

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I'm confused as to what kind of ride this is. It's not being classified as a coaster, yet it will have an exciting ending to satisfy thrill-seekers?

Fire in the Hole!

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Oh, there we go. That kind of gave me more of an idea of what thy are going for.

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Fire in the whole is a roller coaster though.

My question is why has there been a large amount of unused space inside the mountain for so long? Were they just using it for storage or something?

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They were probably afraid of the "dark mythical presence" that has been speculated to be hidden within the mountain.

But seriously, I remember hearing that it was open for guests to walk around at one point.

Might we be seeing a ride like this at Kings Dominion sometime soon? They have a mountain, and if I recall correctly, there is still some unused space inside.

Also, if this is built at Cedar Point in the future, are they going to build a mountain for it to go into?

I like the idea of themeing at the Cedar Fair Parks, but I have a slight concern that it will not be taken care of, and the "4-D" effects will begin to break down after a few years of operation.

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I read a rumor that they're thinking of using that big arcade building across from the ferris wheel for the dark ride at Cedar Point.

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Do you mean the main arcade under the ballroom? I would miss that arcade. I also suspect that it makes a lot of money for the park.

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It seems hard to imagine they would remove the arcade in the basement of the Coliseum for a ride -- the many supports for the building would make it difficult, I'd think, to place a ride there.

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I wouldn't worry so much about the arcade being used, but I'd be very worried about the historic ballroom upstairs. It a real art deco relic, the floor is beautiful, and even thought there's not much use for amusement park ballrooms these days it needs to stay. I was up there just yesterday showing it to friends that had never seen it, and they thought it was awesome. The space is used for live show storage and offices, and they had the Screamster makeup tables and dressing areas all ready to go.

I'm gonna wait to see how CW's project turns out before I go making predictions about where a similar ride might go at CP.

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