Canada's Wonderland announces Tundra Twister and Snoopy's Racing Railway

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From the official site:

Soar high above Frontier Canada on Tundra Twister, a giant looping ride with rotating gondola arms that will have guests spinning, twisting and twirling 360-degrees, upside-down, at heights of 47 metres and speeds of 75 km/h. This mechanical marvel is the only attraction of its kind in the world and promises a unique thrill experience unlike any other.

Snoopy's Racing Railway will be the park’s 18th roller coaster and will take guests on a wild railway adventure in Planet Snoopy next year. This family launch coaster accelerates from zero to 50 km/h in a matter of seconds before zipping through dips and turns as your train narrowly avoids the traps set by Woodstock and his Bad Seed Gang!

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Looks like some sort of Top Spin/Frisbee hybrid. Any word on manufacturer of that one?


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Lots of announcements happening today...

I think it's Mondial......

Yeah, the flat ride is Mondial.

The family coaster looks like a clone of Fridolin's verrückter Zauberexpress – if I'm right about that, then it's a fabulous addition.

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I like low twisty rides. Launches have really made that possible. Spend on the launch instead of the high steel.

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It’s a Mondial Avalanche. Another unique flat ride fir the park along with Huss Giant Jump and rare. Mondial Inferno Plus Huss Swing Around, Huss UFO, Gerstauler Skyrollerand Mondial Ventura. It’s A shame they removed the Huss Skylab It was gorgeous

Marineland just added a Zierer star shape. They have unique Huss Magic and rare Huss Condor.

That area is a great flat ride trip.

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What the heck is "Woodstock and his Bad Seed Gang"? Is Woodstock a bad guy in the Peanuts canon?

It looks like the swing and rotation are controlled, but the flipping is not? Woof.

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