Canada's Wonderland Advice

Don't forget the nice waterpark, integrated with the rest of the park towards the back, free with admission when I was there. Wonderland is a large park and one of the best in North America, in my opinion. May not have the best coasters in the world but there are more to parks then just coasters.
I was at CW over Labor Day weekend 2005. It's a nice park overall and I had a good experience. I would have liked a bit shorter lines, but they were not too bad, even for a Holiday weekend. It's not the most impressive line up of coasters, but there isn't a bad coaster in the park. I definitely enjoyed the Arrow Suspended coaster, best one outside of Big Bad Wolf.
On Canada's Wonderland website, the ticket prices are in Canadian Dollar. What would the prices be in US Dollar? For instance, if the Junior/Senior E-ticket is $24.95 CAD, what is the amount in USD? If the Adult E-ticket is $47.95 CAD, what is the amount in USD? When I e-mailed CW, guest services said that the US Dollar conversion is 18%, so it would be 18% more than the CAD price. This isn't right, the USD should be less than CAD amount. According to Yahoo currency converter $1.00 CAD = $0.93 USD or $1.00 USD = $1.07 CAD. So, using Yahoo's conversion, Junior/Senior ticket should be $23.19 USD and Adult ticket should be $44.57 USD. Is that correct? The guest services rep also said that there is a 10.9% tax added to these prices?.

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