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Let me start out by saying that a trip to any amusement park, no matter how good the park, gets a little demoted by having a family of six and having big crowds. And when you're the oldest of four, it gets to be that it's not really that much fun.

So we get to the park at like 11:45, and my dad decides that my youngest step-sister (who's 8) and my half brother (who's 2 1/2) need to have their fun first. So we go to Kidsville, and both of my step sisters (the other one is 11) and my half brother ride Chopper Chase. So I'm sitting around doing nothing while they're off having fun. Then we ate lunch at the Pizza Pizza right by the ride. Then I asked my 11 year old stepsister to on Sliver Streak (I figured that was the best I could do at that time), and she said yes. So we get in line which is pretty long, and then we finally get on the ride like a half hour later, which is pretty long for a little kids roller coaster. They should really add another train to that thing. Then we all have to do the antique cars. Fun fun fun. After we got off I was getting pretty ancy so my dad told me that he'd take me on a coaster. I said I wanted to go on Vortex. So we headed in that direction when we came up to the Wild Beast, which usually doesn't have a very long line. The line didn't seem too bad so we did that one first. That's a good old-fashioned woody with AMAZING air-time. So after that my dad and I decided to head over to Top Gun. So we get there, and the line is huge. So we meet up with the rest and we all go to SplashWorks. Now I noticed that they have a Cannon Bowl on it and I've always wondered what those are like. So I change into my bathing suit and head to the Blasting Barracuta (the Cannon Bowl) with my 11 year old step-sister. That was pretty fun, but I'd rather be on a coaster. Then we spent a little while longer in Splashworks and I rode pretty much all of the slides. Black Hole is awesome. Then we went back into the park and ate dinner at Mr. Sub. Then I reminded my dad that I had only been on two coasters and that I hadn't gotten my "fix." So we finished off the day with Vortex.

Shows how 5 other people can pretty much ruin a day at a great amusement park.

You want to know what Millenium Force is on a scale from 1-10? Oh, that's easy. A bajillion out of ten.

Why didn't you just go off by yourself???

At CP I had the same problem my parents take forever, they said since you were gone before you had to stay with us

At least you enjoyed the rides you did get on. Being in the water park with Minebuster taunting you must have been difficult to handle. I agree with you about the air on Wild Beast. It makes me wonder how it can be so good when the Grizzly (same layout) is so bad.


Yeah, and CoasterAndy, to answer your question, I wasn't wearing a watch and that was a pretty important factor. But I also like to enjoy the coasters with my dad.

You want to know what Millenium Force is on a scale from 1-10? Oh, that's easy. A bajillion out of ten.

I didn't think the air on Wild Beast was amazing by any means. I seriously disliked that ride. I think I was expecting the airtime of Swamp Fox or Big Dipper(SFWOA) when I went to ride WB and it definitely doesn't deliever that. Too bad you didn't get to ride more. Did you like Vortex? I thought it was the best roller coaster in the park. Too bad you didn't get to do any flat rides. PCW has a great selection.
You know it's bad news when a park's main attraction is STILL a SLC. I would love to hit some of those giant flats though!

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That's what Wonderland is amazing for!

Their flat rides are simply the best around!

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