Canada's Wonderland 06/29

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Well, I decided to expand my coaster traveling some this summer, and ended up going to Canada's Wonderland Sunday the 29th, I've been busy since then so didnt get any down time to write this TR until today.

I arrived at the park shortly after opening that day, and was weary because of the crowds just at the entrance gate. Obviously, driving from Cleveland, OH to there, I wasn't about to leave like I would If Cedar Point were that packed. I entered the park, and love how the former paramount parks entrances' look. That mountain, with the fountains is beautiful!

Dragon Fire

Classic Arrow looper, thought it was a little sub-par, and definately prefer Demon at SFGAm to this design. Whats up with the leveling out at the bottom of the drop, still 10 feet from the ground. Definitely do not like that its not one rounded transition, but it was justifiable considering it's an old-school Arrow. Not horrible, not great either. 6/10

Wild Beast

I recall there being a recently closed forum topic with a title to the effect of "Worst coaster." If I could have posted, I would have nominated Wild Beast. It was absolutely the worst ride of my life on any ride ever. It did not feel safe, and I've never seen a structure give so much... Except in videos of Rattler in Texas which I've never experienced personally. The trains did not even look like they were being maintained properly. Old, dirty, scratched, bending and contorting more than I've ever felt a wood coaster train warp before. I've also never experienced so much pain on a ride before. Least favorite coaster ever. 1/10

I skipped the Bat considering I've been on a handful of Boomerangs at GL, HP, and Knott's.

Scooby's Gasping Ghoster Coaster

I was pleasantly suprised with this Jr. Woodie, but it also did not feel like it is being maintained properly. Decent family coaster, but prefer Comet at Waldameer. 6/10


I was blown away by the ride and its intensity. What it lacks in track length, it makes up in forces. Out of all of the Suspended Coasters I've been on, this one takes first place. Very nice. 9/10


Waited the longest out of any ride there for this one, and was excited because I never got to go on King Cobra before it was dismantled at Kings Island. I'm not a fan of Mantis at Cedar Point, but liked Iron Wolf at SFGAm, so I was intrigued to know how different feeling this ride would be, compared to the B&M Stand-Ups Ive been on in the past. It was alright, the restraints were horrible as far as comfortability goes, much preferring the B&M design. The only part of the ride I liked was the helix. Airtime in a standing position is not fun for me. And I definitely prefer airtime to inversions. 6/10

Skipped Silverstreak and Flight Deck and Backlot Stunt Coaster due to crowds and queue length, and having been on both designs before at other parks.

Mighty Canadian Minebuster

What the heck is wrong with Canada's Wood coasters? They all bite! Another horribly uncomfortable, shuffling, unsafe feeling ride completely lacking any negative g's, and another coaster I wanted to get off half way through. NOT good. 4/10

Thunder Run

Not sure what thrill there is to be found by this ride. The only coaster I know of that I could even compare it to is Skull Mountain at SFGAdv. Even so, I prefer Skull Mountain. So far I've been completely disappointed by every ride I've been on the park, and was keeping my fingers crossed that Behemoth could make my day a bit better.


I've seen lots of video of these types of rides on youtube, and was extremely excited to go on it. It's a great flat ride! I wish it went a bit faster like some of the european models, but none-the-less my favorite flat ride out there. 9/10


Again, another ride I was really excited to get to go on, and while watching it from off the ride it looks incredible, I was slightly let down by the rides program. It could have been more thrilling had it spun faster and had one or two more up and down sements. A Decent Ride, yet I wouldn't wait for it if the line had been any longer. 7/10

Time Warp

All I have heard about these types of coasters are negative things. The line wasn't long, so I decided to try it out. And now I see where everyone was coming from. Not fun, uncomfortable, short, doesnt really provide the feeling of flight, just the feeling of entrapment. I was expecting it to not be so great, so I wasn't really let down at all. 5/10


Waited 30 minutes in line, only for it to start completely downpouring. Which blew because I was at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the loading platform when the ride went down like everything else did. Went to seek shelter underneath the exit platforms decending stairs, as it was the only place nearby that wasnt infested with hoards of people already. 15 minutes later the storm passed, and the ride re-opened with an even longer line now. Finally got up to the platform, and sat down in my seat. Pulled the restraint down, and was ready for the ride to begin. Sat in the last row, far right side. Sitting in those seats with no back up seatbelt, going up the steep lift ever so slowly really makes you feel exposed, especially in the back rows seating on the outer edge. Slid back some in my seat and had a good inch or two of room for air, created just by the steep incline.

Behemoth is my favorite B&M hyper coaster I've been on, and it certainly packs so GREAT air time. Absolutely made my day much better, and even waited for another ride. Without this coaster in the park, I dont see too well what exactly the park has going for it, but it certainly is the best attraction in the entire park. GREAT coaster. 10/10

Left around 730 pm and traveled home. Not sure if I would go back again just for Behemoth, because I felt the rest of the park was really lacking exciting attractions, but its a great place for families. After riding behemoth, Im extremely excited to ride the new attraction for 2009 at Kings Island. It has restored faith in B&M for me, as their designs in my eyes have been rather lackluster and common over the years, but I was truely impressed with the addition of Behemoth.

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There is nothing wrong with Wonderland's woodies bending as the train goes by. All wood coasters bend and sway. In fact it would be more worrisome if they didn't, lol.

I was at the park July 4...trip report coming soon :)

More worrisome to me was how badly the trains themselves, or the individual cars themselves, were bending throughout the course. I've felt this on a lot of wood coasters, its torsion of basically. But the way it was doing it on Wild Beast was obsurd. The benches did not even feel like they were secured correctly. the restraints once locked bobbled up down left right and diagonally, not tight at all. The whole ride itself plainly did not feel safe, and I've been riding coasters for 12 years.
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When I rode in 2002, Wildebeast was probably my favorite ride there. Nothing else really stood out (I guess I just don't "get" Vortex...), but despite that, I really enjoyed my visit.

I'm really surprised (pleasantly) at all the positive reviews for Behemoth, as B&M hypers are usually less hit than miss around here.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

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