Canada's Wonderland

Has anybody been there yet this season, is it worth going to? We're taking a trip to Buffalo soon and we were thinking about possibly going. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks! :)
Well I have been already. It's alright but expect the park to have large crowds as school has not yet started in Ontario and Summer break is still in full swing. Also, the lines are usually VERY long BUT here's a secret(IJ:ST's line moves fast, Vortex's line looks hudge and says 1 hour wait but it really is only 15 mins) but whatever. 14 coasters(Nothing spectacular, but you still should have a good time).

Be Sure to:

1)Try a Funnel Cake.
2)Ride Sky Rider in the front seat.
3)Ride Vortex Front seat RIGHT side.
4)Avoid Spindebuster..err..Minebuster
5)Check out the Victoria Falls Diving show
6)Avoid the waterpark(IF Crowded, LINES ARE SLOW)
7)Hit Top Gun, Any rides in Action Zone LATER at night and work your way from the BACK of the park to the front)
8)Hmm.. Not very much more but ENJOY yourself.
9)FOOD: Backlot Cafe, International Street Pizza Pizza, The Funnel Cakes, Mr.Sub(Pricey & not worth 10 dollars a sub), NY Fries(Good but small servings).
10)FOOD DON'TS: Thrill Burger(SLOW,SLOW,SLOW!), You Go Grille! (Cold food, atleast EVERYTIME ive been there since its kind of a hidden restaurant and blends in with the games not to many people eat there), Dairy Queen(LOOOOOOOONG lines, especially in the summer)
11) Buy a pre=purchased ticket from Blockbuster or CAA
12)Buy your ticket online = cheaper.
13)Actually be sure to hit Ghoster Coaster(Back of the park, and usually most people miss it(For the credit whores, same goes with silver streak & taxi Jam)
14)Come early(Park Spaces, Short lines(which get VERY big during the day)
15)HAVE FUN!;)

DON'T be a debbie downer who goes to the park to just go around looking for line jumpers(Not too many at PCW), looking for bad ride-ops, looking for litter, looking for smoker's smoking outside of the station etc, INSTEAD walk around have fun and ENJOY the rides and be happy your at a park, i guess.

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They also have some unique Flat Rides that you don't see at many parks.

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Thanks for the tips, and I hope I get to hit the park

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