Canada getting a new Proslide Behemoth Bowl

I was looking around the Proslide website and noticed that Super Aqua Club, a family owned water park north of Montreal, is adding a Proslide Behemoth Bowl in 2007. Its pretty good of them and they only need a Proracer and a Rocket to have the whole Proslide catalogue!
Give a link with pic's
Is the entire nation of Canada getting this Proslide? ;)

Coasterkid85 said:
Give a link with pic's

He said he saw it from Proslide's website. Is it that hard to do a Google search and find Proslide's official website?

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Well, I did do this, and in his defense, I'm not sure with their site if you could easily do a direct link anyhow, it looks like it's all flash-driven.

However, I'd be interested in riding that new "tornado alley". It doesn't look like any parks have installed it yet, but considering we just spent the day a few weeks ago riding the Tornado at the wilderness resort in the dells (and getting a tan in their new indoor wave pool with translucent roof while it was snowing), I'd be willing to travel a bit to ride a double tornado ride. It's just plain fun.


I never heard of this Super Aqua Club, yet it they have an amazing collection of slides.

Also on that page, Hershey Parks new waterpark (which I’m assuming is not in the Dells as it says ;)) will be getting one of these as well. It was kind of unclear in the animation which version it was, but it’s the behemoth. It looks like all the slides they are getting are proslides, a tornado, a bunch of the pipelines.

Super Aqua Club is an interesting water park. In 2003, they replaced most of their slides by new Proslide stuff and kept the most interesting ones: a hill with a lot of concrete tube slides. They're fun and crazy! They also have 2 body slides that dumps you from 7-8 feet in the lake.

Their wave pool is average and their lazy river gets interesting halfway through, due to the wave machine.

Their Tornado is actually themed! It has all kinds of damaged cars, a school bus and other destroyed stuff.

Their biggest problem is a weird policy: for the family raft slides, Tornado and probably the Behemoth Bowl, they only allow full cloverleaf rafts!

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