Can you name this coaster?

I got a birthday card with a coaster on it, and I can't quite place it. They're not PTC trains. Anyone figure it out?

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Stampida with the new trains.
I was gonna say it is American Eagle at SFGam, but that's just going off those brackets sticking off the upper right-hand side of the drop. *** Edited 5/12/2007 12:00:13 AM UTC by Box***
Wow, good call Moosh. Now how the hell did Stampida make it onto a hallmark?
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I'm not entirely sure if it is was just a guess. It could very well be AmEagle too ;)
It's stampida with the new comback coaster trains

No way its AE

The "Wings" on the PTCs and the Brakes at the top of the lift hill give it away, It's the American Eagle.
It has to be AE. That drop looks too big to be Stampida.
Yep, AEagle, with it's beautiful wings :)

I sure wish they would have someone, say, GCI come in and re-do the ride. It would be $$$ but this ride deserves it. I have some great ideas (don't we all!)...

Put the return hills right next to the bottom of the first drop, which is dug 20 feet down.. and then put a top on it! Then you have some walk way or just more ground area. Do something with those side-of-lift helices, maybe dig a tunnel, put another turn around by the station, over it, whatever. There is too much energy when entering those helices... hence the near stop.

Bring the park /midway up to the ride, put a bridge over the train...

Anyway, just dreaming/wishful thinking.

I think this deseves another topic heading.. oops :)

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