Can you identify this coaster?

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While being introduced to East Coast Custard this summer, I got to admire some pictures they have displayed in the store. These were taken at the East Coast Custard on Rt. 43 (Aurora Rd.) just west of Rt. 91 (Som Center Rd.) Can you identify the coaster? Even though there is a picture of the Euclid Beach Entrance, others have told me the coaster is not from Euclid Beach.

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Doesn't look like Thriller. That coaster had a drop right off the lift hill, unlike the one in the photo.
I don't believe this is an Euclid Beach Coaster either. I thought at first it might be the Aero-Dips but the Whip ride at the bottom as well as the slat Canopy (usually indicates a Circle Swing/Rocket ride) would rule the Aero-Dips out.

It looks familiar but at the moment I cannot place the ride.

Riverview Park? I dug up my Euclip Beach books, which are stinkers, and its not Thriller.
The coaster has the design of the New York 1939 World's Fair (Traver/Baker coaster). The problem is there was no Whip (nor Circle Swing) at this amusement area. I know the design was also used at Riverside Mass. and the World's Fair in Treasure Island, San Francisco Calif. (1937?). I don't think it is Riverside because the chain lift is on the wrong side

Judging from the trains I would assume the ride to be at one of the two World's Fairs. The NY ride had flags off the chain lift and around the first curve and descriptions of the ride say the three trains/cars held 24 passengers each (these are four seaters holding 2 people each;8x3=24). I have not seen a close-up of the SF Treasure Island coaster to know if trains and flags were similar.

Some may suggest Whalom Park's Flyer Comet (which was based somewhat on the WF design) but the chain lift, like Riverside's, is on the wrong side. *** Edited 10/1/2007 1:29:15 AM UTC by OlympicParkFan***

Not the Thriller, RAcer or AreoDips...
I have no idea...

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Those same pictures are at the East Coast Custard in Lyndhurst (corner of Mayfield and Brainard Rds.)

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