Can we all be Badnitus now?

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Not to take anything away from the amazing talents of the Badnitrus guys, but doesn't No Limits esentially dumb down the whole 3d designing thing to the point where anyone who learns to use the game can make high quality renderings of just about any coaster they wanted?

Now you don't even have to learn anything more than a game interface to make very high quality renderings. (assuming the tracks included in the demo are typical of what you'll be able to do)

It is not a very simple interface though.  The editor will take awhile for most to learn...


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The stuff the Badnitrus guys make has more polygons (the shapes that make up a 3D image) so there's more detail and more accurate shapes. They use motion blur, anti-aliasing, reflections in water, etc. What they do can take days to render using the same hardware that can run the game.

So yes, we can sort of be like them, but the difference in quality is night and day.

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