Can Fat people ride certain rides at Kings Island?

Okay... i'm overweight and i am thinking of taking a trip to Kings Island.

There are some specific rides i am curious about whether or not i can ride. I want to know ahead of time so i don't get embarrassed at the park, trying to fit on rides and can't. The rides i am curious about are..

The Viking Fury

Adventure Express


Is the seating on these rides adjustable, like where it accommodates each person, or do they lock at a certain point?

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You could also lose quite a bit of weight between now and opening day. You might find the life change benefits you well beyond amusement parks.

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I'm thinking about it, but i need to know if the rides i listed are accommadable.

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I'm 6'5 around 300lbs with very broad shoulders. Of the listed rides I have never had trouble with Viking's Fury or Adventure Express. I have never ridden Windseeker (any of them) so can't offer an opinion.

Other than that I have had more success with coasters at King's Island than I have at Cedar Point. The only coaster at King's Island I can not ride is Diamondback (I have tried the test seat and don't even get close so have never tried the ride itself).

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Many rides at this point have test seats at the entrance that you can use to see if you will fit in the restraint system before you wait in line. From what I have heard its not a guarantee that you will be able to ride if you fit in the test seat as there can be slight differences from seat to seat on the actual ride (in terms of seat belt length for example) which though small, could make the difference between getting the restraint to lock or not.

And I think this is a situation that really does vary from person to person. I have seen people who can ride any given ride and who weigh 30-40 pounds more than another person who cannot ride that ride. Depends on how and where you carry your weight and the particular ride/restraint system.

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Any answer you are given here can not be guaranteed, because overweight means so many different things. I will, however, tell you that Adventure Express is very roomy. If I recall correctly, Windseeker and Viking's Fury have plenty of room as well. I saw you started a new thread to ask about Stunt track, but I will answer here to minimize clutter... I remember Stunt Track being a pretty tight fit on me, but I am not too awfully large.

As for you real question about restraints, I can't offer an answer because I don't remember, but I hope that some of my post helps.

And I'm with Jeff. You could use your KI trip as an incentive to lose some weight. It's like three months away. About a year ago, I lost 30 pounds in three months with just a little effort. It felt soooo good. All I did was switch to diet soda and drink lots more water, and eat a medium breakfast, big lunch, and a small dinner, and no bedtime snacks because you are not active when you are sleeping. After you lose just 30 pounds, you will notice just walking around will be easier. You should do it! :) I'll offer emotional support!

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Those three rides are pretty accommodating. Adventure Express has a last-generation Mine Train car pretty much identical to Cedar Point's Magnum XL-200 if you're familiar with that one. Best leg room is in the front seat of any car.

Viking Fury is an Intamin ride with adjustable (but not individual) lap bars, so again, it is pretty accommodating, much more so than the more common Huss Pirat.

Windseeker is also pretty accommodating; it seems the Dutch are pretty generous with their seat dimensions.

The bad news is the rides that you probably expect to be accommodating that most likely are not. Unless the trains get an overhaul to *factory* specifications this winter or the operating procedures change, you might have to forget about either the Racer or The Beast. Those were once standard Philadelphia Toboggan trains, but with the seat divider configuration and the present lap bar set up, those are the only PTC fact the only wood coaster trains...that Cedar Fair operates where I don't fit. I can ride Jr. Gemini more comfortably than I can ride The Beast. With the seat divider that extends up the backrest of the seat, it's a tight squeeze to begin with, then the first two stops on the lap bar are missing...and policy requires that you go for two more. I normally ride a PTC train with the bar in the third notch of 6, or 6th notch of 12.

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Thank you so much! I plan on going sometime in June, so that gives me 4 months to loose weight. I'm more "big boned" than fat.. if that makes sense. Still, i need to loose around 80 pounds. Vikings Fury i googled a picture of the seating, and it looks pretty accommodating for me. I may be able to fit onto Adventure Express, especially after my diet. Soda is my biggest issue. I heard from a lot of different people that no soda makes you drop weight easily. My luck, since i am a soda addict. Lol.

Thank you for letting me know. I really wish that i could ride the Racer. It's been one that i have always wanted to ride. I stood in line forever to ride the Diamondback and when i got to my seat, i had to get off; it wouldn't lock. DO you have any suggestions on coasters that are accomadable for bigger people? How about Flight Deck?

Flight Deck, Vortex, Adventure Express, Invertigo and Firehawk should be no problem. Those last two are unexpectedly accommodating unless you are exceptionally tall, again the Dutch leave lots of gut space. Stunt Track and Flight of Fear could be "iffy", Flight of Fear more so than Stunt Track. On Flight of Fear, the left-hand side of the train is a little more accommodating, as are the *back* seats in each car, oddly enough. Racer and Beast are a crap shoot. If you can ride a standard PTC with the bar in the 4th notch or lower, give it a shot. The junior suspended is more accommodating than some newer versions of the same ride, but it's kind of tight. The junior woodie is snug, more room in the back seats, but surprisingly accommodating (I have no trouble with it). On Diamondback, empty your pockets and try the test seat; it is pretty accurate. When you go to secure the lap bar, pull it back sharply...sometimes you can jerk it into an 'acceptable' position more easily than you can pull it gently.

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I began to prefer diet drinks over sugary drinks once I got used to it. The best tasting, in my opinion, is Diet Rite, because it contains sucralose (Splenda) instead of aspartame (NutraSweet). I just prefer the taste better. Coke used to sell a "Diet Coke with Splenda" variety in my area, which was amazing, but I can't find it here anymore. You might still be able to find it in your area though. Aspertame sweetened drinks are okay, I guess. Better than sugary drinks, I suppose. "p

Once I got used to diet drinks, beverages with High Fructose Corn Syrup tasted "heavy", if you will. Water is still the best for you. I prefer the kind in a bottle that has been distilled or has had the reverse osmosis treatment. Tap water is pretty good sometimes though.

Bottled water really sucks because of the throw-away container. I wish they sold Aquafina or Nestle Pure Life in a reusable, refillable gallon jug, that I could pour into a glass from the fridge, darnit.

Bringing this on the topic of parks, I love to drink lots of water at Kings Island, for some reason. It makes me feel good.

It is SO bad for you, but the zero carb Monster energy drinks are my lifeblood. Ehehehe...

But seriously, yes, losing even a little weight makes a huge difference. I have lost 30 pounds since last season, and even at 20 pounds, Phoenix Phall Phunfest was so much better. I also have more energy, and I can walk around so much easier. Something different works for everyone, but Weight Watchers helped me. I don't even typically exercise. At ALL. If you lose some weight, you'll be amazed at how much more fun your trip becomes.

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Krause, have you tried Pepsi One? It's Pepsi sweetened with Splenda instead of sugar/hfcs. Doesn't taste like a diet drink at all to me. Unfortunately it is marketed horribly.


I'm not sure what PepsiMax is sweetened with, but it's diet and tastes like regular Pepsi. Pepsi One is pretty close.

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I like Pepsi One and Pepsi Max, but I sometimes need to stay away from caffeine.

I actually really like the Diet Rite. I dislike Diet Coke, so i figured i would feel the same about Diet Rite. But i was wrong.. it is so much sweeter tasting than Diet Coke. I'm 18/Male so i have heard from a lot of people that it would be easier for me to loose weight than most people, because of my age.

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Has anyone tried Pepsi Max Big One? It tastes just like a real coaster, but without all the sugar.

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Cherry Coke Zero & Sprite Zero are my faves, but the Pepsi One's and Max's are OK. Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper isn't too shabby either.

I'm a lifetime sodaholic and usually stick with the diet stuff. Once it a while I'll treat myself to a regular Coke or Cherry Coke since it's my all-time favorites. You appreciate them a lot more. :)

The Diet Coke with Splenda is a bit hard to find, but my sister-in-law (who swears by the stuff and nothing else) gets hers at Krogers. I guess the availability depends on each store. :)


Unfortunately, diet sodas still have a ton of sodium in them, so you still retain a lot of fluid. Best to stay away from soda in general. However, if you're a soda freak, I guess it is pretty difficult.

Something else that helps me is just cutting back in little ways. If I want a Burger King Whopper, I get one but don't also get fries. Or I get a Whopper junior and a small fry. I order a salad with a full meal and get the dressing I want but on the side and then just dip my fork in the dressing with each bite. I order veggies as a side instead of Mac and cheese or mashed potatoes. And if you like seafood, crab legs and fish (not fried or coated in butter or sauce) are both very low fat options. I eat snow crab legs without butter and can eat a pound and a half of them in one sitting and still lose weight. Steaks: order low fat cuts (I like filet or prime rib--which I cut off all the fat anyway--and try not to use cream based condiments with them). Starbucks frappuccinos I get with 2% milk and no whipped cream, and then I don't even have to get the skinny ones (in Weight Watchers, a grande mocha peppermint Frapp prepared as above is 8 points compared to 12 prepared regular). Popcorn in 100 calorie bags is not bad either. Also, cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza from a regular pizzeria is actually not horrible (if you don't eat a bunch of slices...I eat two slices and skip the end crust).

Things that are the devil: cheese, pasta, alcohol, bread of any sort, butter, hot dogs, too much dairy, and soda.

But see? I eat like crap, and I have lost 30 pounds since August (would be more if I hadn't blown off Weight Watchers for two months). Most of that I lost within the first two months. Changes in portions made the fat practically melt right off. You can do it! Then tell us all how freaky it was to ride some of these coasters and actually feel like you were moving around in your seat too much. I can't WAIT to ride El Toro and see what it feels like to have to tighten the seatbelt instead of barely making the seatbelt click!!

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If you carry a lot of weight around your mid section, you are probably insulin resistant and will do better with a high protein moderate fat low carb diet. If you are insulin sensitive you do better with a high carb low fat high protein diet.

I eat all the meat and cheese I want, but carbs kill me. I also lift weights and walk 7 miles a week.

Either way you need a caloric deficit either by eating less, moving more, or some combination of both.

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