Can anyone park in the Cedar Point Soak City parking lot.

Hey all. Just wondering if it is better to park in the Soak City parking lot at Cedar Point? If yes, do i just tell them at the booth that I want to park there? Thanks!

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You don't have to say anything. Once you're through the toll booths, just stay to the left. If you pass through one of the farther booths to the right, just use your left turn signal and the parking staff will let you turn onto Perimeter Rd.

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Yep. Once you pay to enter the parking lot, you are welcome to go around and park in the Soak City lot. People who are just visiting the water park do it all the time. :)

As far as it being better, that's your preference. Do you want the experience of entering the park from the shiny new main entrance, or do you want to enter closer to the back side of the park?

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If it's someone's first time visiting the shiny new entrance is a nice touch but once you've experienced it enough times practical things like being able to park closer to an entrance to go back to your car for lunch may become more important.

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Shiny new entrance? That would be the marina gate, not the front gate.

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Pagoda Gift Shop said:

Shiny new entrance? That would be the marina gate, not the front gate.

Ok, fine. Shiny newish entrance?

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For those of you who are lucky enough to visit Cedar Point a dozen times a year or more, yeah, the Marian gate is the shiny new entrance. I've only been to the park once since Gatekeeper though.


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Marian Gate? I think I went to high school with her.

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I assumed it was the entrance to the library.

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LostKause said:

Do you want the experience of entering from the shiny main entrance, or do you want to enter closer to the back side...?

A few edits, and voila! We're all 13 again!

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More importantly, do you want to wait 45 minutes for Maverick, or 2 hours?

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Or 4 hours if you're Timber Rider.

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The only time of year that they don't allow parking in Soak City lot is the weekend of PointFest, which has been going on for several years now. Perhaps the week prior for setup as well. There were a few years is was also closed due to the Firefighter Combat Challenge.

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