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MOA 11/21/04

Hello Everyone,

I am here to tell you about the great trip to the Mall of America I had this weekend. Well to be more specific Camp Snoopy. Growing up in Minnesota I had my share of Camp Snoopy but all and all it was a great trip.

The trip was the last Coaster Crew trip of the year. We had manly Minnesota Crew members there since it is there state but we did have one Virginia Crew Member (me LoL). We thought the trip would not be as fun if we did not bring some little ones. Total number of people that were on the little get together at the mall was 7 (4 of them coaster crew members).

Camp snoopy is a great place to go in the winter time to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere. We bought our wrist bands and went on any and all rides. My favorite being the Paul Bunyan Log Chute. That has always been my favorite ride at the mall. A nice relaxing ride thro the lumber jack world with two different drops thro the ride

Rip Saw: A nice relaxing ride thro the park. When I say relaxing I mean boring, but it was still fun. The rip saw makes its way thro most of the park twisting and turning its way.

Timberland Twist: I had a chance to ride this when we opened the Coaster riding season last may. I like it. It’s a fun ride that gives me a little tickle in my stomach. This coaster I feel proves to all the coaster nuts that say “ there’s no room to expand” that there is always room.

The best part of the trip is running in to frank! That’s right Frank fans. We saw frank at Camp Snoopy. We new we would since he does work there. (for more on frank sittings check out )

We only spend about 5 hours at the park, then we made our way back to Coaster Erin’s house to dabue our 2004 Cedar Point Trip video (witch will be on by the end of the week). We had almost every Minnesota crew member cram in to Erin’s house and watched the video 3 times thro the night. It was a good time had by all.

P.S. Pic's will be up soon at the web site.

Coasterclint - In The Loop Host on Coaster-net

One of these days I will make it up to MoA. I have been trying to get there for years but something always prevents me from going. I loved Spinning Dragons at WoF and would very much love to ride the indoor version at MoA. The "meeting of Frank" thing happens a lot in this hobby. Well, not with Frank (at least not with me), but with others.

Flemming Cook (enthusiast from Detroit) is one person I see a lot at parks. It doesn't matter what park, I see him at the strangest times. I once ran into him at a "Tube" station in London as I was heading off to Chessington's. He was heading off to Stonehenge. Later that day I ran into my good friend Justin on a random train. I had no idea he was going to be on there or where he was going. It was a nice surprise.

I was interviewed for a book earler this year about the strange things involving this hobby. I mentioned seeing one friend at one park, then seeing the same friend at another park across the country the next week. It seems to be the nature of the hobby.

-Sean *** Edited 11/24/2004 12:58:30 AM UTC by Sean Flaharty***

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