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Friday, March 23, 2001 11:45 AM
Went to Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America today.

It seemed faster than normal today, but perhaps that's because it's the only roller coaster I've been on since last July. It's getting a bit small for me - I can barely fit in the cars. They were running both trains, and I wonder if they always do, since I didn't see any place for them to put a train not in use. We were briefly stopped on the lifthill, and there were a number of incidents involving little kids exiting on the wrong side and then running around on the platform next to the track. Surprisingly small wait - only about 2 minutes.

I didn't get to the Mine Ride (showing Red Rock Run) because the line was too long. I think it may have been the longest line in the park. Too bad, I really wanted to ride it. Perhaps the line will get shorter when they stop advertising the thing.

Screaming Yellow Eagle
Still the best ride there, and the only one with any airtime. I had an insane ride operator who called the ride an air conditioning system. The line was non-existant every time I rode.

Mighty Axe
It hurt even more than usual this time. There was a lot of junk at the bottom. I saw 2 keychains (with keys). Got an extra long ride because someone wanted to get off. No wait.

Treetop Tumbler
It also seemed faster than normal. Some of the restraints were being held down with bungie cords - I wonder what happened... No wait.

Too bad the Ripsaw is the only coaster. I wish there was something like the Mindbender (is that the name?) at that mall in Canada... oh well.
Friday, March 23, 2001 1:27 PM
The Tampico Tumbler at Knott's Berry Farm does the same thing sometimes. It's in order to balance the ride. Since all restraints must be down to start the ride and they all come up automatically at the end, they tie them down so people cant sit in certain cars.

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