Camels briefly escape enclosure at Cedar Point

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Two camels briefly escaped their enclosure on Cedar Point's Frontier Trail, walking freely about the midway. They were quickly redirected back to their pen.

Read more from USA Today.

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Why the hell would they ask PETA for comment? Those assholes are not experts in anything.

The video is kind of funny though.

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“What is Cedar Point?” is a sad statement, are people in this country living under a rock? Marketing had to roll their eyes.

PETA put that statement out as soon as the video came out on TikTok. They just can’t miss an opportunity to be quoted in a sensational headline! Yet animal shelters have never been more full and farm animal abuse by agricultural conglomerates is downright disgusting….hard work that they clearly choose to ignore and/or ignore.

I find it perfectly reasonable that there are people that haven't heard of Cedar Point. I wasn't aware of its existence before 2000.

Of course PETA is going to put out a statement that is light on context or facts. That's kind of there thing, isn't it?

The camels were released by someone. And guess who likes to pull that kind of stunt? Anyway, the one sure got the zoomies. Can you imagine a leisurely stroll along the leafy, peaceful Frontier Trail and come across that chaos? Fortunately no animals or humanoids were harmed.
The goats were led by an employee. Not quite as thrilling as the cattle drive in Fort Worth, but good enough for Ohio.

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I wasn't aware of its existence before 2000.

Yeah, but the internet was also in its infancy, and knowing about regional parks outside your microcosm was much less likely. In 2024 its far easier to know about a much bigger scope of things.

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A lot of people are clutching their pearls in comments saying that “wild” animals shouldn’t be kept in amusement parks but they apparently lack the awareness that camels are domesticated. Also that one of them loves to take selfies with guests. I am also pretty certain the farm Cedar Point works with rescues abused farm animals.

To view “What is Cedar Point?” as a sad statement and a commentary on the state of our nation is one of the most hilarious, enthusiast-y things I’ve heard in a long time. (First of all, it’s actually a question…)
Why on earth we should expect every reader of USA Today to know and remember an amusement park in Ohio is beyond me.TheMilleniumRider makes a valid point about the internet opening up whole new worlds to everyone but that’s mainly if you let your interests lead you there. If everyone should know each and every amusement park by name then that means I should be able to name every, let’s say, ski resort, and I just can’t. My brother is a great golfer and I’m sure he can tell you of a course in every major US city. I don’t know those courses just like he doesn’t know the amusement parks.
When I was a young enthusiast in the late 70’s we had to rely on meeting other guys at gatherings to learn what their home parks were and what they had ride-wise. It was around that time when travel for that purpose became a thing, and names of local parks around the country became better known to us. But certainly not to everyone.

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As a remote worker with colleagues all over the place, few knew what it was when I told them I'd be going there in April. It's not as important or known as some think outside of the region.

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It's far more concerning to me that a good portion of our population can't name their elected representatives than that some don't know what Cedar Point is. As fun and engaging as our hobby is for us it really isn't that important in the grand scheme of things. It just isn't.

Those animals are not kept in a peaceful environment. It is very close to millennium force and the noise and screams from that. I don’t know if animals get used to those noises or if it’s stressful for them.

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Yes, living things are incapable of adapting to stuff.

Also, I'm appalled that there are humans who aren't aware there's an amusement park in the thriving metropolis of Sandusky, Ohio.

Apologies...woke up in full sarcasm mode this morning.

Supposedly there is security video of the people opening the gate to the enclosure. It was alluded that they know who they are. Wouldn't surprise me if it was some of PETA's people that did it.

My daughter and I always spend some time in the petting zoo area. Camels from what I have seen don't even flinch as the coaster trains sped by very close to them. Somewhere I have a picture of one of the camels just standing there with a blur of a train in the background. At this point, they appear to have adapted to the happenings of an amusement park.

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