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Late in the week last week I got a call from my friend Chris that he and Jeff were going to Camelbeach on Sunday so I figured I'd tag along.

We were all suposed to meet at Chris house around 10 an leave but Jeff was on his own time so we left around 10:30. After a gas stop and one rest area break we arrived at Camelbeach around 12:30.

When we were there we met up with Dave he works at Camelbeach and he gave us a tour of the park. He told us their were around 5000 in the park that day and lines would only be 15-20 minutes for most slides with longer waits for the two bowl slides. He was dead on with the wait times.

As Dave gave us the tour he told us that they fill the lazy river with barrels in the off season and just cover all the walkways with snow so the skiers don't really notice much of the waterpark except for the slides.

The park is spread out enough to keep people from getting bunched up in the walkways. They also have plenty of chairs for tanning and just relaxing at, some under shade and some in the sun. My only complait about the park is walking barefoot. Those walkways get hot and some areas where they have sand that gets on the paths hurt just a little. But then again I don't walk around barefoot much except in my house so my feet aren't toughened up.

The entire area around the ski resort is nothing but forests. It looks as if you are miles and miles from any cities. It makes you think you are in the middle of nowhere.

Our first slides was the red raft slide. Only about a 5 minute wait or so. Chris and i got a double tube. Those are crazy because you gain more speed on them then on a single tube. This was just a basic slide.

Next up we ventured over to the Checker Flag Challenge. We only had to wait 2 or 3 races. I think this is a cool ride because it has a tree light like on Dragster for you to start when the light hits green. The track is a straight triple down. On the final down you float off the track an inch or two all the way to the bottom. I actually won my first race with a 7.16 or somthing like that. I rode that 3 or 4 times durring the day.

After our race we made our way up to Titan (which is still the largest of it's kind in the world). We waited about 20 minutes for our ride. This slide has a steep path up to station. (Is it called a station on a water ride?) I wish there would have been more than 3 of us at a time a fully loaded boat would be crazy. It's still amazing how high on the side you can get up. A few of those breaks that makes the rafts spin like on the Blizzard River at SFA would make this ride absolutely insane. I think we rode this 4 or 5 times.

We were there an hour so far an we managed 3 ride and we were taking out time. Time for lunch. We met back up with Jeff, Andrea (Coasterwife), and Andy and went to Mr. Crabby's BBQ. I scored a cheeseburger meal and a drink for around $9. The burger was good unlike the garbage you buy at Six Flags and some other parks. While we were eating Jeff and Andrea had to make a call so Chris and i had to watch their 1 year old Andy for a few minutes. Thats was pretty scary since neither of know anything about kids. Luckily Andy was just happy looking around at stuff.

After lunch Jeff got a break from Andy and Andrea and hung out with Chris and I for an hour or so.

We did the one original mat slide from years ago first. I did these about 15 years ago before the waterpark back when they were just body slides. The transitions are pretty sharp so you get super quick changes of directions. For some reason the one is for guests 120 pounds and under.

Our next adventure with Jeff were the Enclosed Tube Slides. Since Chris didn't want to do one of the triple tubes Jeff and I paired together for the two slides. the green one, Twister was fun but it was nothing compared to Midnight Run. Midnight Run is completely dark and it hauls ass. It basicly reminds me of Space Mountain but as a water ride. Lots of fun.

We then went back for a few more runs on Checker Flag Challenge and Titan.

After that Chris and Jeff wanted me to try Triple Venom. on the one hill you can catch some serious air on the one. I went up to get in line and the one guy at the start of the line told me I had to remove some of my body jewely so I decide to skip it. It looked like it would be crazy though.

By tis time it was starting to get late and he had some aother activites planned for that night (bumper cars at Knoebels and a quick visit with my grandparents) So we grabbed two last rides.

The lazy river is a basic one with a few fountains, and water falls and one section has waves that move you around instead of a steady current. This one only has one enterance and exit so you can't stay on as long as you want.

Our final ride was on Spin Cycle the raft Bowl Slide. This was our longest wait of the day around maybe 20 minutes or so. I think this has to be the fastest tube slide in the park. You scream down the tube into the funnel. We must have spun around in the funnel 6 times then got shot down the exit tube. One of these would be crazy if the had two funnels so you spin around one then get shot down another long tube and into another funnel. A cool ride none the less.

As we were getting ready to leave we saw Dave again. He was curious as to what we thought of the park and we all gave it the thumbs up. This is proof a well developed ski resort can have a great business all year long. I also think this place will only keep getting bigger and better.

I think a Setpoint coaster like the Roller Soaker or Super Saturator would be an awsome addition to this place. Especially if it went over the Lazy River and walkways. It could be a really fun ride here especially if it had alot of interactive areas on it. Although a wooden coaster would be nice too! ;)

Thanks for the review of park. I've been wondering how it is, as it looks pretty good from their website. While we're up in PA next week to visit the family, besides going to Hershey, we are thinking about hitting either Camelbeach or Mountain Creek in NJ. Too bad you didn't get to ride Triple Venom, as it looks really good. As for them getting a Setpoint coaster, you never know. I think that Emerald Point in NC is looking to unload theirs.

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