Camden Park 7/19/08 (Day 8)

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One ride. Rough. Bumpy. Done.

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That's my favorite Whip! It goes into "crack mode" which is kickass!

Camden Park is pretty much "old school" and has stayed that way for years. I mean how many parks on this planet have the kiddy hand cars? Maybe 2 or 3? How many parks can you go to where the woodies have NO seat belts and NO seat dividers? ;)

In 2005, BD's second drop was sick. I was totally caught off guard by the airtime. I hope it's still that good in the back seat.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

RCMAC said:
You should have been with me a few weeks ago at Cicada Island where northern Cincinnati was experiencing the return of the 17 year locust. Imagine one of those hideous things hitting you in the face at 50 miles an hour! Yech!

Sorry to head off topic a bit, but just a note: the brood you ran into this year is absolutely *nothing* compared to the 'big brood' of 2004 (and 1987 - I can still remember them back then too!)

In 2004, they measured the bugs by density per square yard, with 300 bugs/yd being typical for the more infested areas. That's 120,000 bugs in a typical 60'x60' back yard, or apprx 1.45 million bugs/acre. Sound levels from the cicadas varied from 70dB to 90dB. There were (literally) billions of them crawling and flying around at the height of the emergence.

The local paper still has their 2004 cicada section online if you want to read more:

Never caught one in the face on a coaster ride, and after one unfortunate front-seat, dusk ride on MF, I don't plan on on finding out what it feels like :)

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