Califronia State Fair, 8-31-02

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Monday, September 2, 2002 1:25 PM
My second visit to the fair in Sacromento, the last in 98, kicked off by going stright to the rides. It's only 9 bucks to get in and my SF season pass coupon got us in for 6 bucks. We first did the portible Miler coaster, The Hi Miler. I heard this was quite awesome, but it was merely OK. I got to ride in the front, the ride appeared longer than it really was and had some nice air, but to slow to be an awesome ride. We did the Inverter next

I know a lot of people think this ride sucks. But I guess they payed a little to much to ride it! I thought it was a good one, the hanging part at the beggining made the ride, if they built somthing that could just be faster you would have something else!

Next was the ride that stole the show! I can't find it on the web anywere! It's gotta be by HUSS but thier sites down, it's called Spinout, I'll do my best to describe it. You sit in suspened charis in groups of four in a circle, like Afterburner by KMG aka Delirium at PGA. The rides arm connects it in the center and travels on an inclined circle around the seats, the motor is there to. It was INSANE! The very first part was black out intensity and the rest was a bunch of cool dives to the ground and back up spinning around. I was defently feeling qeezy after this one.
the other 2 in my group went to the Log Flume but I went for the Wilde Mause.

When I got in the train I immeaditly got worried, my legs were right up agasnt the hard fibergalss frame of the train, any slight bump and I would be screaming in pain! But I luckily kept myslef from getting bumped, and the ride was great! The hairpins were great and the airtime hops were super! Better than Hi Miler. The ride also goes up the lift extremly fast, maybe were it reaches it's top speed no joke!

Evoultion was right by but we all decided agasnt it, ticets were getting expensive, the other 2 in my group were soaked! Then then went to this ride, that was like a scamberler, but the arms had the cars go up virtically. Insane stuff and they got 2 rides cuase they were by themselves. We looked at the drop tower and it was waaay to expensive to rie somthing barly half the size of Drop Zone at PGA, my home park. My eye locked onto a very unusal and older flat, just like Kenobles Downdraft, the cars spin way fast go in the air, and then jump up and down. This ride was great! The jumping was barly felt though. The spinng was what was good, it was fast as heck. Then we went to the Shockwave, which I believe was a muisk express model. We had to all 3 fit in one car, that spun around on the ground in an inclined circle, at the end of the ride, a tarp would go over everyone's heads. Well They had me the biggest sit on the outside, and for almost the whole ride my leg was being crushed, it hurt so flippin bad, I was litterally about to scream or somthing. Get some firggin pads or somthing RCS! Because not all people are like me and won't complain. When then went inside the big pavilians and checked everything out, they had a basketball court set up, if you made a free throw, layup and 3 poiner you got entered to win, the daily prize, today a Sony Walkman. I couldn't believe I couldn't hit all 3 shots. For one, the balls were different, and one side's shots were way closer! I was kinda pissed I couldn't do it, I am a Varsity basketball player, who will probibly go to college on my basketball skills alone, and I couldn't do the dang thing. I finnaly had a chance if I just made the 3 pointer, but it rimmed out. Uck. Oh well It's free! Saw more of the set ups. Then I saw the rainforsest expirence set up, they had an anaconda and some corcidiels there. The Tucan's were awesome as well. Then we left and came back to see the 9:00 Hypmotist show which was supposed to be awesome. We could barely get a seat and the band that was playing then was real good swing band, they ran late therefore so did our show. I just think it was fake, it was hillarious! But just before the show was over he had them do one thing were they went back to the crowd, and when he said something they would do it. This was after he "awoke" them. He would have them do there thing then he would awake them. There reactions weren't much and looked completly fake. But I did see one guy getting beers for his group, but he was hurring to get them, like he had somewere to be, the people selected also looked like they knew they were gonna be up thier. But my cousin had done it before at our county fair so, what ever. Then I went for one last ride on SPin out. All the lights looked wonderful and the music was real loud. The cycles seemed to be running way fast as well. Me and my mom's boyfriend were thinking of rideing the Booster, which I belive was a Zamperla Z Force. I didn't want to, but then I said i'd do it. We saw the 10$ price and said.. NO. I did the simulator that was older and it was a coaster, it was supposed to be cool but I knew it would suck. I saw the ride cycle from the outside just beofre our ride, and it looked like there was alot of motion going on, so maybe. But it was 3 bucks down the drain.

As we left we walked down the new for 2002 Carinval midway which had fireworks eariler, and a bunch of themed stages set up a regge band was jammon and there were dancers everywere. Good stuff. The fair was great, the prices were different everywere sence it was connsessions, but they were accually pretty good. The rides were a huge rippoff though, they had no all day bracelets on weekends so it was waaaay expensive, I HATE pay per ride. Hopefully I'll go back next year, on a weekday.

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Monday, September 2, 2002 1:46 PM

The first ride you described is a KMG Spinout.. and Delirium at PGA is not KMG at all, it is actually a Chance rip-off of the KMG Afterburner... For some reason Downdraft rides look VERY old, but the one that came to our fair said it was made in January 2002, I was figureing early 90's... maybe yours was made around that time... I know they are different, because our fair here is still going on :-)

Monday, September 2, 2002 4:17 PM
It did look older like ZIpper's do.

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