California's Mouseland Jan 9-15 2011

I was able to visit Disneyland and DCA 4 times during the week. (USH and KBF in between). Sparse crowds this week, with the goal to see some attractions closed on my visit 2 years earlier.

Disneyland first:

Tomorrowland. First time on Buzz Lightyear, Innoventions, and Autopia. Innoventions is a stinker, pure and simple. I loved the Autopia, as it was very long, full of turns and landscaping. I treated the car in front of me like the cars under Raptor. I still love Space Mountain. 8/10. Took the Monorail out to DD, which is fun, but how about some a/c?

Fantasyland. First time on Small World, still in Christmas decor, Mr Toad is timeless, first time on Pinocchio and Snow White. Peter Pan again had a massive line like Florida. I must be missing something. I skipped since I hate that ride. The dark rides were okay, but Small World was very good with the Christmas music, but why can't they say "Merry Christmas". It only seem fitting since they say it in every language but that. Someone explain. Matterhorn a bit rough, 7/10. Many e-stops. Time for a 100% rebuild.

Toontown. Roger Rabbit was a walk-on, and Gadget Go Coaster, 5/10. Pretty dead back here at night.

Frontierland. Stumbled upon the BBQ buffet back here. I will eat here next visit. Thunder Mt is great, 8.5/10, and first time on the Mark Twain. I wonder how good this ride was without all the trees in the 1950's.

Critter Country. Rode Splash Mt the day before shutdown. Its a great ride, but with less time in the show areas than Florida.

New Orleans Sq. First day of Haunted Mansion opening. Very nice, Disney nerds in line commenting on the Madam Leota's ball not working 100%. Really. The country has 15% unemployment,, but the ride is at 98.3 %. Really. Pirates was stunning again.

Adventureland. Jungle Cruise was a walk on, and Indiana Jones just never seems as intense as it was in 1998. Why is that giant ball never lit up?

Disneyland has the edge over WDW Magic Kingdom in Autopia, Space Mt, Pirates, Small World, and its a draw with Thunder Mt, in my opinion.

Disney's California Adventure next:

Hollywood Backlot. Got to see ElectTRONica at night. Lots of energy. Must be a movie out. Monsters Inc, walk on, much better the first time 2 years ago. Several rides on Tower of Terror. I love this version. Even got to load on second level once. Great theming.

Golden State. Soarin' is great, but the screen needs a cleaning. Pacific Wharf Cafe still has great bread bowls, just bad signage.

Paradise Pier. My favorite section for obvious reasons. First time on Toy Story Mania, King Triton's Carousel, and the Fun Wheel. Crikey, the Fun Wheel is rocking and rollin in those cars. There should be a bar to hold onto. I wish the fencing was not so tight, so I could get better pictures when the car isn't swingin' like Austin Powers. I was in a car with 3 college girls, 2 which swore never to ride again. Intense. I love the Golden Zephyr, and Screamin 9.75/10, is Disney's best coaster, period. You hear me EE? I can't wait for Cars Land. Love the Route 66 stuff.

I will spend more time here next visit, and take in World of Color also. People are crazy for this, and it seems everybody in Orange County is here nightly. Overall Disney....9/10.

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Thanks for the great TR. I like these condensed trip reports a lot. You get the point across without filling up the page with details.

One more, when elecTRONica opened, in the old Hollywood and Dine food court is an arcade packed full of 1980's arcade games. Probably could have spent all day in there, if my Atari 2600 wasn't working.

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You should look into MAME.

4 days at the Disneyland Resort and you passed up World of Color? That was a big, big mistake.

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