California's Great America sued over gay slur in photograph

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Interesting lawsuit, think this is a first for an amusement park.

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Wow!!! Despite the obvious lag in legal action, that is pretty horrendous. One would think that Great America's proximity to the bay area wold mean they were more sensitive to such issues. Then again, I met some of the most backwards people in my life working in Redwood City.

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Disgusting. And in typical American idiot stylings, they couldn't even get the grammar correct.

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Is the Onride photo ran by Cedar Fair or Kamen Art?

Forget it - I see this now -

That all said - Is Kaman named in this too or is just Cedar Fair? They subcontract if I'm not mistaken?

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Calling people 'fags' is so gay. :)

(see what I did there - nudge nudge)

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