California theme parks may admit vaccinated out-of-state visitors

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Disney, Universal, Six Flags and other theme parks in the state that had been forced to limit attendance to California residents can now allow out-of-state visitors under revised state guidelines — but not all parks are swinging open their gates to interstate travelers just yet.

Read more from The Orange County Register.

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I'm surprised that it took this long for anyone to mandate the vaccination. It is a little strange though that they don't require it of their own residents.

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Well it IS California.

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I suspect it is as much about not encouraging more travel as it is providing a safe environment in the park itself.

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At this point in the pandemic, we’ve gotten to extremely low case counts, hospitaizations, and deaths and very high vaccination rates. We’re going to “fully reopen the economy” on June 15th according to the governor. I’m sure that nobody wants to jeopardize our progress by letting Michiganders etc. mix with locals at DL.

We should just build a wall.

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The Michiganders are all going to Sandusky..........

The good news is that the chart is definitely trending in the right direction now.

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