California Screamin' to be renamed the Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure

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From the blog post:

Summer 2018 will bring a transformed land for guests to experience at Disney California Adventure park when Pixar Pier opens along the southern shore of Paradise Bay, with newly themed attractions, foods and merchandise throughout. This new, permanent land in the area that is now Paradise Pier will introduce four new neighborhoods representing beloved Disney·Pixar stories.

The first of the four themed neighborhoods guests will find is inspired by “The Incredibles.” Here, the new Incredicoaster, permanently transformed from the attraction that is now California Screamin’, will open with Pixar Pier in summer 2018. This new experience will feature a mid-century-modern-style loading area, new character moments and a new look for the ride vehicles. To prepare for this transformation, California Screamin’ will close Jan. 8.

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Ugh. I don’t know why this irritates me, but it kind of does. Incredibles? Well, ok, and I’m a fan of mid-century, but really it was fine as it was. And California Screamin was a great name. (Mind you, I’m not one of those Disney fans that cries when a trash can is moved, so...)

In the text seems there’s an emphasis on “permanent” when describing the neighborhood overlays. It’s almost as if they’re saying “Yeah, yeah, we know. We promise to get it right this time. Then we’ll leave it alone, k?”

I’ll have to re-read but I don’t remember seeing a word about the carousel. Space-wise it fits into the Toy Story neighborhood, so maybe it will be a character menagerie kind of ride.

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I must be in the minority, but I liked it better the way it was. The whole point of that park was to be themed to California, and they did a great job with it, the second time around.

Now it seems that we are removing that theme in favor of IP. Same thing is starting at Epcot. Don't you guys have enough parks themed to IP?

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Makes me think that the Guardians of the Galaxy is just the latest IP re-theme that was successful and Disney has confidence that this continues to be a legitimate way to get people to come back using the same ride footprint. It's not a new thing for them: 20,000 Leagues converted to Nemo, Star Tours converted to Star Wars, Frozen replaces Maelstrom.

I mean, it absolutely works as a lever when people care about the IP. If nothing else, they get to sell new merchandise at the gift shop.

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It may work, but it takes cohesive lands and turns them into fragmented collections of random things. Pixar Pier is a perfect example. Don't get me started on Maelstrom either, the World Showcase is no place for IP. It takes away from the overall experience.

Call me crazy, but I thought the Frozen theme was perfect in Norway. The area looks no different than it did before the ride and the character meet/greet were dropped in. I'm not sure what IP does to ruin an area of the park that features largely stereotypical and hyperbolic presentations of foreign countries.

I loved DCA and thought the disjointed theming was part of what makes it charming. It looks and feels like a Disney park without completely looking and feeling like a Disney park (if that makes sense at all). The pier area feels less like a Disney park than any other area, so I can see the logic in the Pixar makeover.

I'm hesitant to accept the changes to California Screamin' because the soundtrack added so much to the ride. With a redesigned ride vehicle it's possible the new vehicles will not have speakers. The Incredibles makes sense as an IP since Incredibles 2 will be coming out next June.

The whole Pixar Pier idea makes sense. Toy Story is by far the biggest draw of the pier as it is. The pier in it's current configuration doesn't make a ton of sense. Yes you have California Screamin'. But then you have a carousel and restaurant themed to the Little Mermaid. Then the Toy Story Ride across from a big ferris wheel themed to Mickey Mouse. Why not tie them together with one theme and to IP that is current and relevant? I'm going to give Disney the benefit of the doubt given their success on the Guardians overlay at Tower of Terror.

For me the big question is what next? Does the Pacific Wharf survive? It will now we shoehorned in between Pixar areas. Does A Bug's Land survive or will it get the axe with the inevitable Marvel expansion? Or does the expansion go towards Hollywood Land?

Pacific wharf isn't going anywhere, it's the heart of food service. Bugs land has always been on the chopping block.

I would be shocked if the new ride vehicles for Screamin' are without soundtracks. The enclosed tunnels will be great, and whatever "else" is packed into that overlay should be pretty cool too. Plus, finally going to get rid of the last remnants of that horrible retail on the pier.

ETA: Bug's Land is almost certainly out, as the "Spinner" attraction themed to "Inside Out" is almost certainly a re-skin of Flik's Flyers that currently reside in Bug's Land. The fact that this attraction is coming "at a later date" and not with the opening of Pixar Pier, is the actual tell. It will open once the Bug's Land conversion into Marvel is announced.

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Perhaps it’s just me, but I felt the California Screamin theme was generic and stale. I welcome something that pops as a centerpiece. I’m also secretly hoping this change leads to the new style Intamin restraints.

Should we be sure when they say “new trains” that’s what they mean? We might be looking at something as simple as a sticker wrap overlay.
And didn’t they say “new gondolas” for the wheel? Yeah, same thing.

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bigboy said:

Call me crazy, but I thought the Frozen theme was perfect in Norway. The area looks no different than it did before the ride and the character meet/greet were dropped in. I'm not sure what IP does to ruin an area of the park that features largely stereotypical and hyperbolic presentations of foreign countries.

Then we're both nuts, because I totally agree. Then again, I'm also a heretic that clamored for alcohol sales in the Magic Kingdom. You mean it's rare to find ducks in sombreros in Mexico and magical babysitters in England? In all seriousness, I think it was a great move. They had to cash in on Frozen, and it fits.

I'm not a country, but if I was Norway I would be pretty psyched to have influenced the backdrop to such a huge Disney film.

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You seem like someone I'd hang out with at WDW.

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I actually find myself pretty cool with the thought of Pixar Pier. It’s a clever way to keep the original theme of a California oceanside pier while adding in some IPs that seem like they can be very complementary. I think it’s quite clever.

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I think they should ad more IP to Epcot in the Body, Land, and Imagination pavilions.

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The critical part of me is afraid that if they keep going down this path at a certain point all of these Disney parks are going to feel the same. The other part of me doesn't care.

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