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Here's a unique gift idea. Disney has a little version of the California Screamin' roller coaster (from Disney's California Adventure) available for purchase online. The coaster operates on a pair of AA batteries.

Visit Disney's online store to get a closer look.

I wonder if you could put 2-3 sets together to make one huge coaster?
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I saw this in the giftshop last March. With the exception of the price tag, it looked pretty cheap.
"I'll bet that thing hits 5 Gs going through that loop.....faaar ooouut!"
I don't think you could put the sets together. By the look of it it looks like one big peice or peices the specially hook together. It looks neet but there's no way i'm gonna buy it unless it's the complete coaster! It does look kinda interesting though.
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I wish it was metal with LIMs
dose it have a launch? if it dose im there i would love to buy that but it is $60! how big is it?
There's no launch and the train moves along the course at a fairly slow speed. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this model to anyone unless it was much cheaper. The batteries wear out on the train quick. You should hear the noise the train makes while trying to go through the loop. It really struggles to make it. Also, this things takes up a large chunk of space.

If you want a real coaster toy, go check out the Knex Screamin' Serpent kit.


if you want a good realistic coaster try the faller models   
Is the loop on the real coaster that circular?
No its just like a normal tear drop loop.

Thanks to Robb Alvey for the pic.

The mickey ears logo makes it look like a complete circle, optical illusion I guess.
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It's not even the full layout of the coaster and as stated in an earlier post, the only thing that isn't cheap is the price tag. This is not a new item either, it has been around since the park opened. Don't let Disney fool ya.
I have seen this in the Disney Store at Downtown Disney and it was CHEAPLY constructed.  Cheap trains, track, and everything not even looking like the real thing.  Plus it is a high price for it.  I wouldn't suggest buying it.
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If I am not mistaken I think the coaster was meant to be an add on to the monorail set.  Now they have the Spaceship Earth, Contemporary Resort, and California Screamin' coaster.
I have it and it was a extremely cheap and poor replication of Caliifornia Screamin', not worth the money. the track is a very fragile plastic and the layout is pathetic. the only thing nice about the coaster is the trains which are quite similar to the intamin looping trains on the real ride. is soo ugly for something Disney.

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