California parks open with heightened security

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

California parks have reopened following Tuesday's terrorist attacks. With heightened security, guests try to enjoy themselves despite of the suffering on the other coast.

Read more from AP via Sign-On San Diego.

I would still go to a park, it is good that they are re-opening and with extra-security.  They really need the extra-security esspecially(sp) at major parks such as DL and SFMM.  I think that we need to get going and show everyone that America is STRONG.
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If anyone has read "Behind the Ears" ( a great behind-the- scenes Disney book), they know that Disney has some horrible security problems. The guards dont even carry guns, as not to ruin the "Disney experience".
I think it was good that the mouse got harder on security only because of what has happened as of late. I think the mouse was stupid in the first place not to implement stronger security only because this might have happened even there.
Can someone explain to me why they closed SFMM the other day? I know the obvious reason, but still.......

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