California lawmakers introduce bill to open theme parks sooner

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Assembly members Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Buena Park, and Suzette Valladares, R-Santa Clarita, seek to co-sponsor AB 420, which would place all major theme parks in tier 3 (orange), or moderate, of the state’s COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Amusement Parks and Theme Parks. Gov. Newsom previously placed the major theme parks in tier 4 (yellow), or minimal. Theme park officials collectively called that move "unworkable."

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I hope they can get this through. Most states disregard the data and evidence to open too soon, but this governor is consistently doing the opposite.

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I’ve been on board with the Gavinor for most of the pandemic, but the theme park thing is a little bit...weird. If gyms are open and indoor dining is open, how are roller coasters worse. Now, I’m not talking about Disney or USH because of all the hotels, out of state people etc. but Knott’s, CGA, and the SF’s seems like they should be as safe, if not safer than your local mall or bowling alley. Our protocols already make the distinction between large and small parks (I think it’s 10k capacity) so it’s not like it’s totally out of the question.

All this is moot though because we only recently left “stay at home” which is “beyond purple” to purple which is “super bad.”

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Bill 420.. :)

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"Let's follow the science!" they scream, until science does something inconvenient, like demonstrate that "self-evident" risks really aren't, or that mitigation strategies that seemed like a good idea are actually having unexpected ill effects (like closing down public venues where mitigation practices can be enforced causing people to shift to private venues where there are no mitigation practices...). Then for some reason science takes a back seat to their preferred agenda.

Who are "they"? It's not my intent to talk about that. This is a non-partisan indictment and you don't have to look very far to find offenders who agree with you, and offenders who don't.

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RideMan said:

(like closing down public venues where mitigation practices can be enforced causing people to shift to private venues where there are no mitigation practices...).

This has been my (slightly biased because I want to go to parks) take on things for months now. The parks being open are indirectly providing a source of safe recreation. The stay at home warriors will still stay home and the maskless "COVID is a hoax" gang will continue to do what they will do. But for those that are going to go out into the world and socialize and recreate, an open amusement or theme park provides people a safe and regulated way to get out. Without parks, some groups of friends that choose to spend a day together at the park may instead decide to then spend a day unmasked and undistanced at someone's house.

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I also thought it was harsh at the time, but I think the theme parks were done a favor over Winter. They were all ready to open just before the surge. They would have had to shut down right away.

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