CA carnival ride collapses injuring 24

Just seen this video on the CA collapse last night of a carnival ride.

Army Rangers lead the way
I take it that is a Yo-Yo type of ride?

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Another link confirming it's a Yo-Yo:

Could this happen with hydraulic failure?

EDIT: Just heard that this ride is owned/operated by Midway Amusements (aka Brass Ring Amusements).
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Unfortunately, wave swingers of all types have had a bad history of collapse. Yo-Yo's are very popular on the carnival scene, as well as, in some parks such as Geauga Lake.
Paging Mr. Markey.....Paging Mr. Markey.

Heard this on WBBM in Chicago. Of course they immediatekly started babbling about past accidents at SFGAm.

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

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Here's a link that shows what the ride looks like when operating.
It's a shame this happened and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved.

Unfortunatly this accident has also turned into chum for the media and the recent Markey agenda. I've seen two clips of this in different places today and they briefly mention the incident, then cut to pictures of SFKK and focus on that.

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Intamin Fan, I have to correct you in saying that Chance Yo-Yo's have a long history of collapsing, whereas the Zierer Wave Swingers have not had the same problems, as far as I know.
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There was a Zeirer Wave Swinger that collapsed a few years ago in Europe. I think they found that the operators were using the wrong cables if I'm not mistaken.


^I wasn't implying that Yo-Yo's have a history of collapsing, I'm just saying as a whole that wave swingers/flying carousels etc. have had some history of collapse.
Well, all I know is that I wouldn't want to be the state inspector that signed off on that ride right now.
The Zeirer did not collapse, it was a Berttazoni that broke.

YoYo's are fine. The master cylinders need better inspections on the road.

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Thanks for the correction, AJ. Some of the Euro rides are hard to tell apart just by sight sometimes...


Its actually a better model. We have a Zierer, that needs NDT all the time. Very hard to work on. The newer Berttazoni and Zamperala are more modern, and easier to repair, move, etc.
kpjb, there was a Zierer that collapsed a few years ago; it belonged to Conklin Shows and it fell down at the CNE up in Toronto. Turned out to be a cable problem. All it did was to drop suddenly to its loading height; I actually saw the ride post-incident, and noted that there was a law enforcement agent sitting in the booth all day long to preserve the site, presumably in preparation for TSSA's arrival. Perhaps that's the ride you were thinking of.

No comment from me on the Yo-Yo yet as the only thing I know about the incident so far is that it happened...!

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