Buyer found for Hard Rock Park

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A buyer for Hard Rock Park has emerged with plans to reopen the theme park by Memorial Day if the sale is approved, according to court documents. FPI MB Entertainment LLC is offering to pay $25 million for the park, which debuted in April and closed in bankruptcy in September. The company, which is registered in Delaware, is asking the court to approve the sale of the property - free of liens - by Feb. 20. It has requested a hearing at 10 a.m. Feb. 17. The company has given the trustee $2.3 million toward the purchase, according to the documents filed Tuesday.

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Interesting. From the article:

FPI was created Feb. 4 in Delaware, according to the Web site ofthat state's division of corporations. It is registered to TheCorporation Trust Co. in Wilmington, Del., a firm that helps businesseslegally form corporations. Representatives of FPI could not be reachedlate Tuesday.

Horry County Council Chairwoman Liz Gilland said agroup of individuals were behind FPI, though she declined to saywhether any were local or whether she knew any of them prior to thecourt documents being filed.

She said she did not know all of them and declined to say whether any had prior theme park management experience.

Could be good news. I was planning to go this past fall, and was going to drive 6 hours from the Outer Banks to visit. They were supposed to be open on the weekends, they filed for bankruptsy, and then cut their hours. I was about 3 weeks too late from getting to visit. :( Hope this works out. Wonder if they'll get to retain the Hard Rock theme?

I would imagine that "the assets" include the HR license.

I thought that the Hard Rock license was already pulled? Or was that not a done deal?

While I love this business, and there is huge potential for this park to thrive, I doubt if the bond holders will let this go for that low amount.

Rob: you might be right. I'm making a WAG.

AJ: Do you think they could get more by parting it out?

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Man, there *must* be more than $25 million worth of hardware with the coasters alone.

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If they re-open for one weekend, I *will* be there. I'll walk if need be. Just need one lap on that dark ride. Oh, and I guess the ferris-wheel lift would be cool - if the ride were running and not "locked out" by Premier again. :)

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I think some of us have hyped that dark ride so much that it can never live up to expectations, Gator. :)

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See ya there, Gator! :)

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I'm just dying to know who the mystery men are.

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I was hoping this was going to be a deal somebody couldn't refuse.

As for the mystery men, I think they were William H. Macy, Ben Stiller . . . um, Janeane Garofolo, though she was a mystery woman, technically . . . oh, and Hank Azaria, he had that turban thing going . . . that's all I got.

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Garofolo quit that job to be an FBI computer nerd on 24. So, that rules that group out.

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Don't forget Paul Rubens - who we know sometimes as Pee Wee Herman

I just hope that the new owners can keep the park as it was intended long enough for me to get to visit. I intend to be there soon after it re-opens. I wish I had visited last year. I want to experience Led Zepplin before it become Steel Twister 1, Just a Swinging becomes Swings 1, And The Eagles becomes Mine Train 1 ect.

^love the RCT refference!



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I was just trying to make my point. I know that a ride is a ride but there is somthing to be said about seeing it the way its designers intended. Imagine Disney being bought out and the next time you go there what is left is a stripped down de-themed park, The boat ride with pirates, The rollercoaster in space, The boat ride with the dolls, the house with the ghosts ect. Or you could just go ride Flight Deck or Drop Tower at some of the old Paramount parks.

My new information indicates (also with different times zones at work here..hint hint) that this deal may go through now. The whole deal with the names and such, all may have to go away, however. That's the lawyers job to repair, if it can be done.

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Lord Gonchar said:
I think some of us have hyped that dark ride so much that it can never live up to expectations, Gator. :)

no disrespect, but no.. that is the BEST dark ride EVER , I am not a stoner or anything like that , never have smoked or anything, but that ride accomplishes on its own what id imagine what it feels like. The timing and effects are so spot on its not even funny, especially the 'spoken word' room. I live in Eastern Ky and would go back hands down just to ride it , tho the Led Zepplin was VERY nicely done too...

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