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Are we talking from Premier Parks or Premier Rides? If it's from the park company...can I retroactively buy Big Dipper?

Geauga Lake was once under Premier Parks! that way I can save it from evil lord Kinzel that obviously spends millions of dollars to close and spite the locals...(am I being subtle enough for all of you?)

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Go away with the Geauga Lake conspiracy talk. That's so 2007/2008.

I'd ride that if I could get my choice of one of the Flight of Fears or Back Lot Stunt Coasters, theming and all, installed at the location of my choosing. :)

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I thought $10M was a real rip-off for a t-shirt....until the UPS guy showed up at my front door with a Premier launch coaster... :~P

Wow... A fleet of UPS semis showing up at your door. That would be a site to see!

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If IKEA made coasters...

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They would be really hard to put together?

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And missing one key piece.


Oh, no biggie. The instructions are in easy-to-follow picture-story problem form.

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"I finished building the inside top hat, but I still had two supports left over."

Also, do they give you a gigantic allen wrench?

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"We need more 'Bort' license plates in the gift shop. I repeat, we are sold out of 'Bort' license plates."

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Oh man, I totally relate to that expression...but for vastly different reasons.

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How is IKEA stuff hard to put together? My entire office is furnished by IKEA!

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I guess "hard" to put together isn't the right description. More like tedious, especially if you're putting together multiple pieces in one day.

Also, that expression.

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