Busy MiA -Timbers still strong 6/30

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My friends and I were really held up by construction on I-96 right before US 31 as we were trying to get to Michigan's Adventure on a hot summer Wednesday. We made up a makeshift detour and arrived in the park at noon. The park was as crowded as I have ever seen it-welcome to summer I suppose. The amusement park was very busy in the morning so after one run on the Timbers we decided to hit the water park. This was a very good call on our part since the crowds had not made their way over there quite yet.

We had fun on all the slides and the wave pool; however, I must note that the wave pool seems more like a workout than anything... :)

I didn't know that the Hydro Blaster was so fast and furious! After riding this slide, I really want to try one of the Master Blaster models.

The crowds seemed to have lightened around this point in the day over at the amusement park so we packed it up and headed over at 3 o clock. Hit all the coasters and a couple flats. Mad Mouse seems to be running with no trims on the turns but one of the blocks is turned on a wee bit. Wolverine Wildcat was still running as good as last year, albeit a little slower.

I really forgot how much I enjoy riding Shivering Timbers. The airtime on the "out" trip is just nuts. In the front seat and the back seat the airtime is just so abundant. This year it felt like ST was running as fast and as smooth as I can remember. My favorite aspect of the ride is its moments of silence. As a train crests a hill, it rides on the upstop wheels with a restrained tranquility then slams back down onto the track with a ferocious roar. Basically, everything is silent as you float through the air, then things get rowdy as you blow through the next drop. Get out to Muskegon and ride this thing!

Biggest disappointment of the day: No Falling Star!!! The arm was covered in tarps and the gondola was just sitting in the station. The model of the Falling Star at MiA is my absolute flat ride and it was really a shame to see it sitting out...anybody know what the deal is?

My other question: What is all of the crap across from Adventure Falls? I know its not construction for a new ride, but there is some clearing and a little bit of equipment over there.

See ya somewhere out there soon!

first question: falling star is getting some new parts in, and were having a bit of trouble getting them from chance ive heard (not made and on hand anymore)?

second question: all the crap out there is just a giant junkyard, old concrete, etc...

Kevin Lintjer

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I was disappointed that Falling Star wasn't running when we were there Timbersfest weekend.

And Craig, we hit that construction too, but detoured north via 37 and across on...49?

Looks like that construction is going to be around for a while.

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