Businesses around Six Flags New England complain of traffic

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With Six Flags New England's summer concerts kicking into high gear next weekend, business owners say they're concerned about traffic. Some businesses welcome the traffic generated by Six Flags' visitors, while others find that it discourages people from visiting their Main Street establishments.

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What "Main Street" establishments?! From what I have seen of Agawam there is nothing worth stopping for, with or without Six Flags traffic. If it were not for Six Flags no one would even know Agawam existed, and hence no business from through traffic.
We parked in one of the closed businesses on a Saturday that was charging less than SFNE was. It reminded me of the Tom Green Show episode in which he was following around another pizza guy and he was calling himself the Undercutter (complete with fish and tackle box full of toppings--lol). It made me a little bit nervous to park at the closed business, but my car was still there at the end of the night.

I also have to agree with phoenixphan that the area surrounding the park isn't much to write home about. It seemed fairly rundown.

I have been through there about a dozen times and always thought it was a nice town.

I do not think that the owner's of these establishments want anonymity, I think they want relief from the traffic. That being said, it seems that if they mayor has not heard too many complaints and is not making a big deal out of it, he is either on the take from Six Flags, or there are just a couple of businesses who are longing for the old'n days that are never going to return now that the park is in its current state.

The article reads like a reporter heard a few complaints and decided it was a big story.

...why all of a sudden this year they bring this up, the park has been there how long lol...
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^ Remember, they just recently moved the parking lot across the street (last year maybe?)

That COULD be why it's *suddenly* become an issue...?

Sure. let's build some swing ramps to get to the new parking lot now. haha. Basically it's traffic backing up from this intersection?

The parking lot has been across the street for 4+ years now, unless you were being sarcastic.

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^LOL, really? I had been up there once before (02-03-ish) when we parked where the waterpark is now....then last year I had to do that *endless* parking/shuttle fiasco.

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