Busch ups Florida single-day prices, drops multi-day Florida resident prices

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The price of a basic one-day, one-park ticket to SeaWorld is now $69.95, up from $67.95. Busch also increased the prices of basic tickets to Aquatica (to $41.95,) Busch Gardens (to $67.95) and Adventure Island in Tampa (to $37.95.) Multi-day resident tickets will see a 20% cut in price.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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^^ Im A DVC memeber, but have had people go through me to save money.. Basically if I have points left over before I get to my use year I advertise it.. People call me up.. Pay $10 a point and get into a deluxe resort for way less than it is normally.. Depending on time of year up to 50% less than they would pay normally.

Its a win/win because I get my dues paid off and not have to worry about carry over and a person gets a less expensive room and the ability to stay much closer into the parks (if Boardwalk or Beach) for much less.

When you can walk from your room to EPCOT or to HS, its worth it :-)

But to make a poor attempt to tie things in. With ticket prices going up. Saving on your room is a nice offset to that hike.

It's not point rental, I do it through exchanging in via Interval International. In the past year, I've spent 11 nights in a 1BR at OKW, which would have required 354 points. My cost to acquire those stays, including amortization of capital and all fees, has been about $1,300, or about $3.70 per point.

Ignoring things like using bonus weeks and booking weekend-heavy stays---both of which are in my favor---a typical week in a 1BR costs us about $4.05 a point.

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Very nice system.. Never heard of that one.. Will have to look that up for alternate methods for friends or when I blow my 350 points in a year.

Ive been in DVC so long all I worry about is maintenance which is a tad over $5 per point. That on top of getting passes cheaper, Golf discounts (im barely good enough to even hold Tigers Woods bag - but i still go out), im certainly not complaining at the DVC perks.

Good info you gave though.

all I worry about is maintenance

And that's just what Disney wants you to do. ;)

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