Busch Gardens Williamsburg...Whats the best deal for food in the Park?

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I saw the Ticket deal for the dine all day, but Is it limited to certain things on the menus? We're going to the bounce deal for the parks, buy going to the park just isn't the smae if you can't eat there.

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Doesn't look like any restrictions, and almost every place in the park is apart of that program. It gets you an entree platter and a drink. I highly recommend Trapper's Smokehouse too, ate there last September and it was so so delicious.

*Edit - Does exclude house specialities

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Only problem with Trappers is that it is outdoor seating. Oktoberfest also has some fantastic dishes. When I go Im either eating at one of these places (or on rare days both) and how hot it is decides where Ill be eating.

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I know that it may seem lame, but I really enjoy the Pizza near Roman Rapids.

Anything you get at BGW is going to be really good.

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No restrictions really, except for the cart type services.. If you go to the site for Dining and mouse over the information it gives you the valid locations and restrictions with enough detail to not be confusing.

I had the Irish beef stew in the Ireland area pub 2 weeks ago. It was delicious!!! Best beef stew I think I have ever had.

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I got this deal last year and the only thing you couldn't get were ribs from the Festhaus or Trapper's Smokehouse. If I recall correctly, you can only use it at the Festhaus, Smokehouse, Italian place near the ampitheater (can't remember it's name), and a burger joint up in England. There are probably others, but I'm not sure. As ridemcoaster said, you get an info sheet listing locations and menus.

An unadvertised benefit of this deal is that you can go to any of those places and get a drink, so it's a built in all-you-can-drink plan as well. Same goes for dessert. This plan is a must if you love BGW!

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The festhouse has some good eats as well.I have a picture of the munu somewhere. They have ribs, sausgae, and some cake that is the whip.

And they have beer also:)

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Beer @ Busch?!? You are crazy, Crazy!! ;)

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