Busch Gardens Williamsburg plans suggest new roller coaster

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Planning documents imply the layout of an unnamed attraction potentially opening at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2021. The project is described in the documents as improvements to the Old Drachen Fire site in the Germany section.

Read more from BGW Fans.

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A launched shuttle on the heels of the one being built in Orlando isn't a huge surprise. I'm not sure if they're really for me though, because going backward always feels a little uncomfortable. I'm still not used to Everest.

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On the heels of Pantheon is the greater concern.
And no concern of mine, I say bring it on, but some of the comments (complaints) I see on line about this project are amusing.
This ride looks interesting- the big spike is super tall and will twist.
And that’s according to this fellow at BGW Fans who has clearly devoted his life to figuring out from research and clues, and in great detail, what’s to come from the park. And that’s fine- I’m glad to have someone who will do all the work.
I’m planning a spring trip back to the park for Pantheon, and it looks like a trip the following year may be in order, too. I always throw KD in there and ‘21 will bring something new for them, too.

The board might be micro managing GMs out of the company, but holy crap are they stepping on the gas pedal with capital investment. All of their parks are getting big coasters this year (massive in the case of both Busch Gardens) and now they’re setting up for 2021 with projects in the works for at least BGW and Sea World San Diego.

Do the facts support the really tall spike or is that wishful thinking? (BGW fans analysis too long/too spun).

Or on the heels of Pantheon is this actually more likely the scale of IceBreaker and a family coaster?

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Two coasters at the same park, built a year apart, and the first one offers almost the same experience (and more) as the second one?

Also, BGW tends to build short rides sometimes. Their new wooden coaster was underwhelming.

This 2021 ride is a launch, turn, another launch and a spike, and then backwards to the station. It's something I'll look forward to the next time I'm in the park after it opens, but I'm not making a special trip to ride it.

I am very excited about Pantheon though. I might get to the park again this year. Last October's two-day visit was a bust because of the tropical storm/hurricane. It was closed one day, and the next day was so extremely busy and rides were breaking down. The power was out in our hotel so I decided to just go home.

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The site has some updates that fill in some blanks, but they're still stating some things as fact that are more educated guesses, at best.


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I read the name "Drachen Spire" somewhere. That amused me no end.

I had a feeling people saying Orion would be the last giga in NA were wrong.

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If it's got the height the site is suggesting, it looks like a great ride. High-speed launches are always great fun.

BGW is really starting to get quite the coaster count. This ride might not be the longest or most interesting layout, but it will surely help to reduce crowding and lines for the other coasters, so it's a plus.

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Mr. Freeze and Speed: The Ride are (were) both excellent rides and this looks to be a supersized version of them.

That being said, Pantheon looks excellenter. If both were in front of me and I could only ride one, it would be a tough choice. I'd probably take Pantheon simply for the extended inverted stall maneuver, I love those!

Also, I wonder if "Drachen Spire" would have the option of running a reverse facing train, ala Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast.

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It does seem weird building this the year after Pantheon, as this coaster almost seems like a prototype/test model that would evolve to something like Pantheon.

It's like they ordered too much stuff so they just built this one out of spare parts. Yeah, we got some curvy track, 2 of the launch things, and a train left over. Whadda ya want to do with it?


I'm surprised at the whining about this. I watched the No Limits mock-up and this theoretical version looks really fun, and I'm not a huge fan of shuttle coasters. I love how you have the ominous view of the spike as you turn out of the station. It's great psychological staging.

BGW went 12 years without only one major coaster addition (1999-2012) and now they're doing 5 coasters in 8 years. I'll take it.

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There's whining?

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Whining, from coaster enthusiasts? Impossible.

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I, for one, can't stand it when a park builds two fun coasters in back-to-back years.

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New, at Travisland for 2020! The Scrambler!

Make sure you come back in 2021 for another new ride. The Sizzler!


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Is Travisland a new diner? Sounds yummy!

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Steak and eggs.

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I would say its more confusion/surprise than "whining".Which describes my feeling on this project. Certainly not whining about this at all! Mainly just surprised. Excited, but surprised.

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