Busch Gardens Williamsburg named favorite and most beautiful theme park

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According to a press release issued by the park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg was named the world's "Favorite Theme Park" and "Most Beautiful Theme Park" for the ninth consecutive year by the National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA).

I agree this park is beautiful, but a woodie would make it even more beautiful. Come on Busch give us a Gwazi north, please.
I agree Intamin Fan. I've been hoping for a BGW woodie forever. I'm beginning to lose faith. How perfectly would a natural wood coaster look in this immaculately beautiful park? PLEASE THOUGH, no Gwazi duplicate! Something original Pease!! Keep up the good work BGW. *** This post was edited by VOLLEYGUY on 2/21/2001. ***
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How about a new out and back terrain twister woodie. I think that a great area fo such a ride would be in the wooded area behind the soon to be Ireland. Yes it is near the front entrance. But the terrain and woods there would make for quite a wooden roller coaster experience.

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Ahem, getting back to the award, No arguments here.

X-Flight @SFWoA!
This flight won't be cancelled!
I didn't mean an actual duplicate of Gwazi, although since I've never ridden it there would be no complaints from me. Florida's a long hike from Maryland.
Gotcha Intamin Fan :)
An honor well deserved!! I also think they should put a woodie up in there as well!!!!

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