Busch Gardens Williamsburg announces plans for 2001

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg officially announced Ireland for 2001. No new roller coaster was mentioned in the announcement. The area will be themed after Ireland and will feature several attractions, including a special effects show.

Darn, I was hoping for some Drachen Fire info!!!!

I was hoping for a wooden coaster announcement. Maybe for 2002...
I'm not surprised. How can you top Alpengeist and Apollo's Chariot?
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According to posts on RRC by BGW insiders, this is just a retheming of the Hastings (England) area of the park.

Scott W. Short
Well, I'm dissapointed. I hope this isn't another year of rediculous Drachen Fire rumors without any official word from the park. I mean, can we go just one week without having to hear that this once great coaster is being moved or torn down?
I believe DF is officially up for sale ... at least it's listed as such somewhere ... oh, goodness, where'd I put that URL ...

Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.

Here it is:

Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.
Does anyone here miss Questor?
No. And I Was Really Really Hoping For A coaster
To Compete With PKD
The asking price is 4,500,000, does anyone know what the orignal price of Drachen Fire was?
Acctually,I heard somewhere that if they did re-open DF that they would not advertise it as a new ride,just open it like it was never closed...
On www.rcdb.com, they list Drachen Fire as costing $4 million to make.

Looking for a profit, eh? Good luck ... for a used coaster that's (so they say) a lawsuit-magnet.
Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.
Went on BGW website and was disappointed to read nothing. Anyone know where there is a story?
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Anyone know what the small attractions will be? They really need to add to their flat rides package.

Someone told me that they were going to rebuild DF to make it smoother. I Guess Not.
All i want In Flat rides are frisbee,hawk,Inverter,fly Away,chaos
knowing BGW I Know They can Theme These Rides
Why did they stop running DF? Why is for sale?

Live to have FUN!

Go Shamrocks!
Go Wolverines!
i love busch gardens. i think they have the best parks in the world. i would have liked to seen another coaster in 2001 from them. but thats ok. what there planning will no dought be awsome. i hope we do see a new coaster from them in 2002

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