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Monday, July 9, 2001 7:31 AM
I dont remember the date, but late June I took a trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. I must tell everyone here that this park is awesome.

I saw "World's Best Thrill Parks" on Travel channel, and was pleasantly surprised to see that BGW was 3 on the list! way to go! just so you know, cedar point was 2, and #1 was Universal Orlando.

Anyways I went there and saw it for myself. First thing i noticed was how it was in the woods, making a very park-like feel. It was won the most beautiful park awards for the last several years, and it definitely earned it. it is a breathtaking park.

okay enough nature stuff. the park has 4 major roller coasters, and they are all incredible.

Big Bad Wolf: one of the first suspended coasters, two chain lifts. it is based on a legend of a wolf that crept through the woods and then wreaked havoc on a town. so you fly by buildings, cars sideways, really believing that you will hit something. there is then a second drop that is 100 feet, straight down to the rhine river. great views. -i rode it 4 times

Loch Ness Monster: steel coaster, built in the 70s i believe. it was the first with interlocking loops- very cool. the first drop is great- about 120 feet. another great element is going into a huge rock that is pretty much pitch black, with scary monster sounds. i dont know how many helixes are in the rock, but pretty many. the ride is also built over water which is always nice. rode it 5 or 6 times, cant remember

Alpengeist: inverted coaster, with great theming. the trains are made to look like ski lift chairs, complete with skis on the back. Once you are quite a bit above ground, the ski lift goes out of control. there is a twisted drop that is about 190 feet, a huge loop and then cobra roll over the river, and more inversions. best inverted coaster ever. -rode it 6 times

Apollos Chariot: hyper coaster with raised seats and simple lap restraints. the 210 foot drop is incredible, especially from the very back- you are out of your seat the whole time. this ride has 9 drops and incredible mucho air time. it is the smoothest ride i've ever been on. this is also the coaster where Fabio (male model) got hit in the face with a goose! but dont worry, there are small fences next to that part of the track now. this is an incredible coaster, people. -rode it 8 times, including last ride of the day! nice ride in the dark

All in all, this was a great experience, currently my favorite park. hopefully i can go again soon. it is highly recommended to you all

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