Busch Gardens Williamsburg

This was my first trip to Busch Gardens. We spent one day at the park and didn't venture over to water country.

Overall the park is very beautiful and unique. We got there before the park opened and stayed to watch the fireworks before the park closed. The first thing we rode was loch ness monster. While not an intense ride by to days standards we enjoyed the unique layout and the scenery made the ride more exciting and fun.

Appolos Chariot was our next coaster. While it was fun there was nothing that stuck out in my mind about this coaster. I would say its about average...nothing special.

The layout of the park is very poor. There is no easy way to get from one place to another unless you wait for the train or the lifts. Even then we found ourselves walking around in circles trying to figure out where to go. Also the food choices are very different from other parks I've been too but I don't feel like they really pulled it off. I was very disappointed in what we purchased for the price especially after hearing such rave reviews. The best thing we ate was in the ireland section and the absolute worse was at that BBQ lodge. The meat was tough and terrible. Not worth the price per plate that's for sure. Also having some regular park food type stands around every section would help instead of having to walk all over Europe to find something everyone could enjoy.

Griffon is an awesome and intense ride. It is kind of one trick but it pulls it off very well. Alpengeist was by far my favorite ride at the park. I made sure I waited for the front on this ride. It was smooth with great intense inversions. It really had everything I love in an inverted coaster.

We also enjoyed Escape from Pompeii, but felt the ride line up was lacking. It was awesome to see such great themeing but some unique attractions to go along with it would be welcomed. Darkastle was interesting but difficult to follow the story line. I think old fashioned dark rides are much more fun.

Actually we rode everything and were pretty worn out by the early evening but wanted to stay for the IllumiNights and enjoyed some of the shows. The best show all day was the river dance style show in Ireland. The fireworks were beautiful but very short...I'm from Pittsburgh so we are use to lots of fireworks.

The staff and ride ops were overall very friendly. It was actually the best staff I've ever encountered at at park. Again the scenery and attention to detail in the scenery and attractions was superb.

Though i have complained in my report we did have fun. I don't think we will return anytime soon, but someplace I'd definitely want to take my kids to in the future.

As a last note I do think the price to get in is a little steep. We did get discount tickets through AAA, but I'm not sure how a large family could afford to get in and pay to eat here.

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