Busch Gardens Willamsburg Early July

This July I made my first trip to BGW and I was very impressed! I had the quick Queue which helped on most of the rides but also helped for re rides since the exit was the quick queue. I arrived at 10 and headed right for Loch Ness Monster. I could not wait any longer to ride it as I always watched the POV growing up. I t was extremely smooth for an Arrow Looper and the interlocking loops were amazing going through. Overall it lived up to all the hype and I can see how it is such an iconic coaster. After LNM I went over to the Italian section when I rode Tempesto which was a fun ride but is silenced by all the other coasters at the park. After that I walked over to Apollos Chariot which to me seemed a bit overated but after riding at night a few times I grew to love it. By then I had to eat so I went to Marco Polos and had Mongolian chicken. One thing that surprised me was you can fill your souvenir cup with ICEE which really helped on the 92 degree day. After lunch I crossed the bridge only to find out Verbolten was closed so I went to Alpengeist. I loved the theming and the ride, especially how it interacted with the terrain and flew past Le Scoot. Following my ride on Alpengeist I went over to Griffon which was a fun ride with a great splashdown, but dive coasters don't do anything to me. I got off Griffon and went to Invadr, a fun GCI with some airtime. It reminded me of a twister style Mystic Timbers. I had all my credits except Verbolten so I walked back to find it was still closed so I waited for it to open and watched the maintenance crew. Once it opened I was the first on to get in line and rode the second train. Going in I had low expectations because the POV was pretty worthless but I have learned not to trust the POV. That drop track was AMAZING! I was not expecting it and when we entered the building I grayed out like on I305 which was surprising. I loved this ride so much I rode it another four times before I went on the Water Rides.

Roman Rapids was an ok raft ride and Le Scoot was one of the better Log flumes I have been on. Escape From Pompeii was my favorite though. The theming and fire really made the ride great plus the fact that the boat came out of the temple structure.

One thing I did not like about BGW was the layout of the park. It was confusing with narrow passages and hills. I felt like I was lost in Europe, which wasnt a bad thing until I tried hitting all the coasters with an hour left.

Battle for Eire was really fun and my first VR experience.

Some standout flat rides were Mach Tower, Da'vinchis Cradle, and The Flying Machine.

The theming of the park was amazing and I loved how the music changed with each section of the park. I did not like however that they had some international festival earlier in the season and had stands themed to countries that were not in Europe, but I would have loved to see it when it was going on.

BGW is definitely one of my favorite parks and it may be the only park where I enjoyed every coaster. There was not a dull coaster in their lineup and watching the fireworks on Alpengeist ended the day on a high note.

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