Busch Gardens VA - June 29, 2006

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Some friends and I went to BGW around 2:30 to do some rides. First we all met at FestHaus, then from there joined the line for the bumper cars...pretty short wait because they had almost all the cars running. Then walked across the bridge over to DaVinci's Cradle (walkon) and then split up between Battering Ram and Flying Machine (both walkons).

Afterwards, some of the group went on Apollo which had a suprisingly short line for a thursday afternoon in the summer and some got some ice cream and sat and cooled off. The temperature must have hit close to 95 degress that day. After that we walked over to the Della Piazza resteraunt and grabbed some dinner before heading over to France.

In France we hit LeMans Raceway after waiting at least 30 minutes. For some reason the line for that is always long and i never understood why. Rumors have been going around that LeMans closes July 5 and i found out today that it is true. After LeMans we waited about 20 minutes for Le Scoot log flume and ended up getting soaked on..not the final drop but the first drop which is unusual. We took our soaking bodies back over to Italy and rode Escape From Pompeii once in the middle and once in the front. We got stuck right before the final drop because of "technical difficulties". About 3 minutes later we dropped down getting soaked as usual. Then we rode the tea cups and the last ride of the night was Roman Rapids where the waterfalls were spitting out fairly warm water..

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