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Friday, June 7, 2002 8:27 AM

I visited Busch gardens on tuesday this week after a great holiday in south Florida and here's my trip report.

My mum, dad, brother, sister and me (of course) arrived at the park and waited 5 mins for the parking booths to open. We parked and got on the first tram to the park, bought our tickets and joined the queue to get in. I was just waiting when my sister pointed out a sign. I read it and it said: Sorry but hte folowing rides are not in operation today: Pheonix and Kumba. This got me a bit annoyed!!! The park opened just after 9 and we ran to montu.

Great ride! we were on the first public train in the front row v pleased. I was a bit annoyed however at the fact they just started to test the ride as the park opened so a big queue formed whilst watching montu test! FUN?!? Anyway a great ride, fast paced, loved the batwing and barrel roll. I realised that i don't like inverted coasters as much as sitdown simply becasue i like to see where i'm going and i think montu would be 10xs better as a sitdown!i give it 8 out of 10. Anyway next it was gwazi:

I was so surprised. From the first dive to the lift it was unpredictable, incredibly fast but very bearable. I loved it. I thought it was better than montu and nearly as good as Kumba. It's turns at the bottom of hills give great g's and i just kept riding! great ride! 10 out of 10. We went to rhino rally next but we couldnt be bothered to queue. This post is getting to long so i will go throughthe rides now.

We decided to return on wednesday and we did this first. I was lucky enough to be the "navigator" which you'll know what you do if you've ridden it. It was a great ride with great animals and the rapids were great fun!

To my surprise, on the first day it started tesing at around 1 and opened at half 2. I ran to it after the dolphin show and loved it. Great length! v long! rode atleast 15 times in the 2 days. Loved the the dive loop and the helix at the end!

Very fun! me and my sister happened to be the two that went under the water fall at the end but i loved it and i love wet rides.

Fun ride! I told my brother you only got a little wet like jurassic park so when he got drenched i laughed a lot! One thig that was very funny was that we had to wait at the top of the big drop to allow clearence whilst another boat came over the main lift hill and theres a little drop. This sent a big wave flying around the track and me and my brother who were sitting at the back turned round and had a 3 foot wave fly over us and get us drenched at quite a big force. V funny.

Boring arrow corkscrew. Enough said.

Great little schwarzkoph coaster. Bit to short.

Stanly falls log flume:
I liked this log flume and it even has a banked turn!

overall a great park with a great animals, ride, food, staff and atmosphere. I had a well good time and it was a great experience just like busch gardens williamsburg which i have also visited before. The queues also never reached more than 15 mins except for rhino rally and the water rides in the afternoon.

I think they need a hyper simply because I love them and it would add to there great selection of rollercoasters.

On another note i also saw spiderman which i thought was an amazing film!

Saturday, June 8, 2002 12:13 PM
Great TR. I visited Busch Tampa in March. Unfortunatly, after visiting IOA two days before it, I didn't have as much fun as I usually do at this great park. Busch Tampa has a great coaster collection, and I agree a hyper would do them wonders. It'd be nice to see B&M's second twister model to reside at BGT.


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