Busch Gardens Tampa ride closures

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On the BGT website there are quite a number of rides listed as closed for a portion of 2010. Does anyone know why this would be? Maybe there is a new ride/attraction in development for next year?

I'm making my first trip here in June and I'm super bummed that the sky ride won't be open. It is slated to be closed for 7 months.


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Screamscape.com has a lot of interesting info about what is going on at the park right now. They are speculatng that a new coaster is being built, but a lot of changes to the park are going to take place for that to happen. You should head over there and read about it.

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Does appear that way doesnt it..

Although Tampa is a year round park.. Closures are not unusual (Disney does it all the time during their "low" season). Northern parks go down for months so you dont see those closures as often during the season.

But yes.. does appear to be a lot of speculation..

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Word on the street is Gwazi is getting new trains from GCI....

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I looked out the window, and I did not see any words on my street.;)

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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I just have a kid with a R/C car on mine..

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Thanks guys.

I know this is a year-round park, it just seemed like a long list of closures to me and for extended periods of time.

Are all of those rides in the same section of the park?

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Some are in similar areas, but dates dont necessarily fall around same time frame. Also some cover a large part of the park like the sky ride..

I would suggest comparing the closures with the Map to answer that one.


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Just thinking back to previous construction at SWO and BGT, and thinking they'd close huge sections of the park(s) for extended periods whenever new rides were coming...typically, "rehab work" is done in the offseasons. Not saying it's necessarily predictive of something coming in....but I wouldn't mind *finally* getting that rumored B&M hyper. ;)

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It's not a hyper.

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Dipping dots guy told me inverted launching log flume...

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Moosh is correct. It probably won't even be a hundred feet tall. ;)

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I see Grasshopper knows me well! Something that is 101 feet tall isn't 100 feet tall :)

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^I don't see WHAT Betty sees in you! ;)

I keed, I keed... :)

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There goes Mam, teasing us again. Heh.

Anyhow, I heard it was going to be Storm Runner-ish. That would be amazeballs!

It's not a hyper.

Tell me I'm not the only one who imagines The Governator ("it's not a tumor") delivering that line.

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