Busch Gardens Tampa corrects problems with Rhino Rally

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Following the recent roll of a Land Rover on Busch Gardens Tampa's new Rhino Rally, a safari attraction, the park has reduced the banking on some of the turns and implemented changes in driver training.

Read more from The Tampa Tribune.

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Looks like they got all the kinks worked out. Did anyone get hurt in that accident?

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I heard on the radio this a.m. (I live in FL) that the driver who had the problem had been "reassigned" and that the other 55 drivers have had additional training. 2 people were somewhat injured in the accident, I don't believe anything too serious. I'm really glad they got this up and running, I'll certainly ride it a couple times before enjoying the reduced waits for their coasters. Jack Hanna was very involved in the design. I understand the "accident" occurred between the Rhino area and the croc area, Land Rover just tipped over on the banked section (not enough speed to carry the banking, so they reduced the banking).

Gwazi just keeps running great, I certainly hope it keeps its speed intact as it ages (unlike some other twisters I can think of). For those Schwarkopf fans, the Scorpion is still a beautiful ride, I'd like a longer ride (CP's Wildcat comes immediately to mind), but any Schwarkopf is a good ride. Since the paint job and resurfacing last year, the park's two B&Ms are as smooth as ever. Python, well, is Python, an OLD arrow corkscrew (no loop) whose ridership will probably force the park to take some action. That area behind the log flume is basically prety empty most of the time, save for people walking through to get to the park's river raft ride - which is very good.
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It's nice to see Busch cleaning up what could be a great attraction. Thank God they didn't just leave it to die!

B&M-Tycoon said, "Looks like they got all the kinks worked out. Did anyone get hurt in that accident?"

The article's FIRST sentence said, "TAMPA - A sharp, unusually banked curve and a driver who veered from the proper path caused a Rhino Rally safari vehicle to tip over and injure two passengers last month, a Busch Gardens executive said Wednesday."

This is one of those moments, B&M-Tycoon, that you should say, with great emphasizes, "DOH!" Since you claim to have read the whole article (by stating "Looks like they got all the kinks worked out."), why did you not know two people got injured? "Doh!" Did you think that the words "passanger" and "people" were two different things? "Doh!" Oh well, I did the same thing you did- I read the whole article and didn't know anyone got injured until I read Mongoose's post. "Doh!Doh!"
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Who cares, "Mr. G-lix"?

Anyway, It's nice to see that BGT corrected Rhino Rally's flaws. Let's just hope they can keep it that way.


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