Busch Gardens Tampa bringing back beer samples on a trial basis

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On Monday, the park announced that beginning Tuesday through Aug. 5, visitors can get two free 7-ounce beers from a rotating list of brews. Calling it a return to its roots, the park also unveiled a club for craft beer fans and a new Oktoberfest-themed festival.

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Does Williamsburg still do brewery tours? I miss the days when they had a monorail that took you from the park to the brewery...and then offered free samples at the end of the tour.

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In other news, Busch Gardens Tampa bringing back me on a trial basis.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

Dammit! And I just missed it!
That would’ve been a welcome addition to my Mako rides.

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Sounds like you've already been sampling too much if you think Mako is at Busch Gardens Tampa.


Where’s my drink? My eyes are fuzzy...

Nothing helps your PR like giving away free beer.

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Reminds me of a local band in my area in the 90s called Free Beer. Made for some great marketing on clubs' event calendars.

Tonight: Free Beer

Just asking the obvious question here, but are there really any "links" to the beer business, besides the word "Busch" in the park name? I may be missing a step, but didn't the company and family sell off all interests in the parks several years ago?

Is this purely a licensing deal (much like allowing Time Share people into your Vegas casino to assault your patrons)?

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I don't even know if it's a licensing thing. Busch Gardens is SeaWorld Entertainment, and that's that. I mean, if they were smart, they'd get some kind of sponsorship or co-marketing deal out of it, I would think.

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Well, yeah I know the two are synonymous, and that there's a long "history" tied to the beer company. However, in 2018 there is no such ownership relationship right? Didn't the family take the parks from AB-Inbev, then take the parks public, and as such sold majority of the parks business to Blackstone and then eventually to some Chinese entity that isn't a beer company.

So this is just samples of random beer brands? That's what I'm getting at, I just assumed these were "AB" family brand beers, but it appears to be just simply free effing beer.

I guess taking a cue from the hobo with the vaudeville act in "One Froggy Evening", instead of capital improvements: http://www.intanibase.com/gac/looneytunes/censored-n-o.aspx

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SEAS is its own public company. I think it's just free beer. Don't overthink it, just drink it.

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Great slogan for a T-shirt Jeff!

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

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